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What's Cool? 1989 Philippine album launch!

I was supposed to post this last week but I didn't have time to finish so I decided to move it today. I wasn't aware it's the same day as Taylor's birthday. Who knew?
What's Cool? is an anytime meme created by yours truly. Only Cool stuff is allowed. ;)
What's Cool? Taylor Swift's 1989 Philippine album launch! Here's my experience with one of the Coolest events this year + a crazy story.
Le stage. Loved that tarp. I wished of bringing it home the whole day.
Swifties reunite and celebrate the Philippine release of Tay's newest album, 1989, last November 8, 2014 on SM North Edsa, organized by the awesome Odyssey (a record store). The huge fan I am, I didn't let the moment pass. I didn't care if I have a review that day (later found out that the lecturer wasn't able to arrive. It. Was. Worth. It!). 1989 album + freebies + cool booths + a day partying along with fellow Swifties in 1989 tunes? Sign me up!

(Here comes my photos with awkward poses.)
Originally, I was to hug and put my one leg up but there's
a LOT of people waiting and watching, I changed my plan. 
With an event like this, the usual first move is to wake up early and go to the event area earlier than most early people do. So my friend and I did. We arrived 7 am but the mall opens at 10 so we decided to eat first. Since McDonald's is the nearest and inside the mall, we went there. I could say by the time we enter the mall that we were the earliest, thank you very much. My friend suggested we should go to the second floor and I said we shouldn't because we might get caught (it's still dark and even the stalls and boutiques are still closed). But she insisted and I want too despite the slowly acceleration of my heartbeat.

The Odyssey stall is already open but they were just setting up the area on third floor. So we went back down and sat on a seat outside McDonald's. I asked my friend to go outside the mall in the meantime and as we're walking there's this security guard leaning on a fence, talking to his radio. I heard him say, "..two girls" and my heart thudded the same time my friend and I looked at each other. I panicked but didn't let it show, not wanting to give the guard the satisfaction. We walked faster (the exit is now just a couple of steps away!) what you could call walking looks like.

That wasn't our only encounter with guards that day. I almost felt like we're criminals or something. It was terrifying and funny. It was pretty crazy. Something I'd never done or imagined happening in my life. It was thrilling, though.

Shamelessly sharing my photo with awkward poses. What?
The event had quite a long line (what should I expect? Many people loves Taylor!) and unfortunately, they have ran out of some freebies. It was a bummer and I got pissed (who wouldn't? Taylor stuff!) but I'm glad my attention was diverted with the booths and the people. We met two cute little Swifties (13 and 9 year-olds) who went there all by their selves. They were really fun to chat with!

The 9 year old cutie (forgot her name) let me borrow her nail polish freebie to paint the back of my hand 1989!
Just like on Red album launch, Odyssey brought us different local artists and they sang some of Taylor's and originals. Swifties who've been performing to TSwift events performed too. We also met a new cute act called Perkins Twins. They're so talented and charming!

I actually have selfies with each of them but I'm not going to share it
(didn't even uploaded it on Facebook). I'm shy! Plus, I look really haggard.
After the performances and a couple of games and raffles (which I'm not lucky with again), the founders of Taylor Swift Philippines asked us to sing and party with Shake It Off to be video-recorded and will be sent to Taylor. I don't think they've uploaded the vid yet because they were editing it or something so I can't share it yet. But I will once out. ;)

Oh, and did I tell you that the crowd went wild singing Shake If Off? Yes, we did. It was really awesome, it's like Taylor was really there. Like every Taylor events, this rocked. 

And here are my newest treasures!

I really love these Polaroid-like photos!

1989 album and the Polaroids with some of the freebies!

Yes, that's a mini standee!
Thank you so much to Taylor Swift Philippines and Odyssey for organizing this fun event! We'll be looking forward for more. ;)
*This post is not associated with any of the said parties. This is not an ad as well.


How about you? Have you been into 1989 album launch? Any crazy stories as well?
What did you think about 1989? Let's fangirl (or boy, if you are)
together on the comments below!

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P.S If it wasn't obvious, I love Taylor so much. I know I don't have to mention it but I want to, just because. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!! ❤ 

Long live,


  1. That's so cool that you went to one of those events! I don't know if they have anything like that here in Belgium. I love that they did all those polaroids because Taylor's obsessed with those as well.

    I am going to her concert in Amsterdam if everything goes well :D I am in love with her new album, it's just so good!

  2. Does the album come with all that polaroid postcards? IT'S SOOO LOVELY! Makes me wanna buy the Deluxe Edition?


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