Hi there!

I am Michelle Sedeño, 20 years old (at least until after a few days..), and soon to be your best-ever nurse. 

I love music, books (obviously), writing, daydreaming, chocolates, peanuts (more specifically, roasted peanuts), and receiving free books. Actually, these are just few things I love and enjoy in my life. But most of all, I love God. He is my everything. I am nothing and nowhere without Him. I could give up all my inanimate obsessions for Him.

I'm not much of a talker, as a lot of people notice and point out. But really, I like talking. Love, even. Especially if it's about something that's worth to talk about. I don't usually talk about non-sense or stupid things--except with my friends. (Because they either get tired of "big talk" or we've run out of things to talk about.) It takes time to get me to real talking. I don't know. I think that's just part of me. I'm an introvert person. I'd rather read at home than go to parties or meet-ups or anything that involves a lot of people (not to mention, strangers) and a lot of talking.

I'm also an awkward person. Yes, I admit that. I think that's part of being an introvert. I used to hate being one because I feel like people don't like me because I'm not "like them". But I've met a lot of people like me, and still meeting others. I've read and listened to a lot of talks about this topic. It was actually really nice because I realize I'm not the only one "weird" and "awkward" in this world. I feel like mean for being glad that I'm not the only one who is awkward/introvert, but I do feel relieved. I realized it's okay to be different and it doesn't matter what people think anymore. This is me. They are who they are. They might judge me for what I am, but I won't judge them for what they are because I'm not like them.

[I recently came across this post called 10 Confessions from An Introvert. I can relate to almost everything written there. http://thoughtcatalog.com/laitin-amanda/2014/02/10-confessions-from-an-introvert/ ;D]

I'm an introvert. It's not something I can say I am proud of not because I'm ashamed of being one, but because I don't see the point in becoming proud about it. It's not an award or a title; it's a type of personality everyone should know about, respect, and understand.

But you see, once we get together, realize we're kind of the same or click together, and be real friends, you'll hear me always talking, laughing, teasing, and maybe you'd be surprise to see that I'm actually a normal person. XD I'm quite talkative once I become comfortable with the person I'm talking to. :)


I started my blog last May 2012 with the name Michelle Shouts Random. I re-launched my blog on its first blogoversary (May 27th) with a new name and blog address. However, my blogging email address remains the same. My blog is now called The Escapist, which I really, really loved.

Why The Escapist? I picked the name because that's what I'm feeling whenever I read books or listen to music. Escaping. I'd always be in a different world whenever I start turning the pages of the book or hearing the intro of a song. I also decided to blog about books only and a few of music. I won't be blogging random stuff since I already didn't met that goal after a few months of launching Michelle Shouts Random. And I also have a tag line--which I really loved, to be honest. :D That is.. Escaping reality through books and music. (Paragraph from my blogoversary/re-launch post here.)



I do NOT own the photo on my header, background and blog button. All credits to: http://wallpapers-diq.com

I also do not own any pictures posted in this blog, unless I, myself captured/made it. The photos are from Tumblr, WeHeartIt, Google Images and anywhere from the web. I do not claim anything on this blog except the content I write.


I'd love to meet new friends! Please, do talk to me. Leave comment/s on any of my posts that interests you. You can also tweet me, connect to me on Goodreads, Facebook (links are on my left sidebar), or email. My email address is everywhere in this blog. I do reply! But if you wanted to talk to me and be friends, please, don't just ask how was my day or how am I (though I really appreciate it), but throw a topic right away or anything. Just not the common ones. So we can talk longer. And that it won't be awkward. I hate awkward conversations. Because I'm already an awkward person. LOL

Thanks for dropping by! :)

You can contact me at michelleshoutsrandom.blog[at]gmail[dot]com

Updated: 9/25/14