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What's Cool? Celebrating Debutantes 2013 + Gayle Forman book signing!

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An anytime meme created by yours truly, where I share everything I think is Cool (plus, my Cool blog updates! ;)

January is soon to end yet Cool things just kept on happening since my last post of What's Cool? !

First off, Celebrating Debutantes 2013!

It's been an exciting and full of information about over 100 cool debut authors! I had fun reading their 13 random facts and interview questions. And I'm sure you did too, especially with the huge wave of giveaways!

I'd like to thank each and everyone of you who supported this event. Thank you so much to Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again for being the ever-patient and best co-host! Let's make CD 2014 easier for us (you know what I mean *wink, wink*). To Jessica L. Brooks for the congratulatory, supportive, enthusiastic, and advertising tweets about CD. You're Cool! And last but not the least, the debut authors of 2013 who said the magic word "yes" in joining us in this exciting event and for donating for the giveaways! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! *hugs*

Celebrating Debutantes 2013 has come to an end. Again, for now. We'll celebrate debut authors of 2014 later this year. So if you're a YA/NA/MG debut author of 2014 or you want your favorite/anticipated 2014 debut author to join this event, let them SIGN UP TO JOIN HERE!

Want to take a look back on the authors we've featured in 2012 and 2013? Or do you want to learn more about this event? Click here.


Last January 18th, National Bookstore held another exciting book signing event! This time, they brought us the New York Times Best-selling author of If I Stay and Just One Day duets, Gayle Forman!

Last March 2013, I've been to my first ever book signing event where I met Tahereh Mafi, author of Shatter Me trilogy. There have been several authors who visited the Philippines after Tahereh, but as always, I'm busy with college, so Gayle Forman's was my second signing. 

My co-bloggers are lucky to ask questions to Gayle and I really enjoyed listening to her answers. I learned that she loves reading contemporary books that's why she's writing them as well. When asked if she had plans to branch out of contemporary, she said that she loves writing about the world we live in, and that since some people see If I Stay as a paranormal book, she thinks she already branched out of the genre. She also said that she likes writing a love story that has life in it. Or, write about life. And that's what I saw in her books. I finished Just One Day a week ago, and her writing is just soo good. I felt the life in it--even when I read If I Stay duets years ago--and with the words that she said at the signing makes all sense. I knew then that this author doesn't only write because she has story to tell, but also because she wants to show her readers how life is and how we also should be. My respect to Gayle Forman grew. 

She said that yes, she's involved in the making of If I Stay movie, and that she read the script and cried several times. She said that it was embarrassing because she's the one behind the story. LOL She also mentioned that she have an upcoming novel called I Was Here that is set to release in 2015.

Photo from National Bookstore
Gayle with her fans (and their books) at the signing. So cute!
Gayle Forman definitely deserves to be in this Cool post. ;) :D

Thank you so much Precious of Fragments of Life for bringing me as your plus one! :D Thanks also to Elyssa for trading with me, and National Bookstore for another Cool event! One more Cool news from NBS.. THIS!!!



Another Cool thing? I'm back with Netgalley! Months ago I stopped requesting from Netgalley because I don't have an e-reader and I became slow in reading ebooks and didn't get to review the books I've been accepted. Now I have a better e-reader app on my tablet and somehow I can now mange my to-review pile. Yay!

Even though I'm back with NG, I'm still controlling my requesting tendencies. :)

Thank you so much 
MTV Books, Albert Whitman Teen, Random House Kids, and Netgalley!


Last year, I joined Debut Author Challenge..and I have quite failed on it. I forgot that I actually joined a reading challenge! I forgot to read more debuts, and if I do, I always forgot to add my links. So that was uncool, but now I'm still up for this year's challenge and willing to not forget! XD

         2014 Reading ChallengeMichelle has read 8 books toward her goal of 50 books.
          view books

Another challenge that I failed was the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I aimed to read 50 books on 2013 but I only read 49. See, there's only one book left! Eeek! That was pretty understandable, though, because I've been busy for most of the year. This year, I challenged myself to read 50 books or more. As of today, I've read 8 books! Hoping to continue this Cool start. :)


On February 9th 2014, I will be launching a new blog event called Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines! This event is for the month of love, obviously. I will be having a week full of book reviews, interviews from YA/NA romance contemporary authors, playlist, giveaways, and more! Be sure to check this Cool February event out!

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2014 has just started but Coolness is already flowing. Hopefully it would continue to overflow--I am very prepared to catch it! ;)
So...what are the Cool things that happened to you? Received? Bought? Gifted?
Don't let it concealed within you, share the good news! :)

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