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Book Review: Thornhill by Kathleen Peacock

by Kathleen Peacock

Series: Hemlock #2
Genre: YA, paranormal, romance, mystery
Published September 10th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books
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Blurb (Goodreads):
Mac can’t lose another friend. Even if he doesn’t want to be found.

The ripple effect caused by Mac’s best friend Amy’s murder has driven Mac’s new love, Kyle, to leave Hemlock and disappear from her life forever. But Mac knows that Kyle plans to enroll in a rehabilitation camp, where he can live with other werewolves. She refuses to accept his decision, especially since the camps are rumored to be tortuous. So she sets out in search of Kyle with a barely sober Jason—and Amy’s all-seeing ghost—in tow.

Clues lead Mac to find Kyle in a werewolf den in Colorado—but their reunion is cut short by a Tracker raid. Now Mac and Kyle are trapped inside the electric fences of Thornhill, a camp for young werewolves. As she devises an escape plan, Mac uncovers dangerous secrets buried within the walls of Thornhill—and realizes that the risk to the people she loves is greater than ever before.

My Thoughts:

Reading Thornhill was as exciting as I felt after I finished Hemlock (first book). I was game for another reading ride with werewolves, mystery, and love. When I open this book on the first page, I felt like I was back again on my non-existent yet comfortable couch.

Just like Hemlock, Thornhill started with Mac dreaming--a stomach flipping-and-creepy dream. Amy appeared in Mac's dreams just like before, but now she/the dream became more creepier and mysterious. Would it be weird if I say I liked it? Yes, I liked how Amy became like that. It gave more edge to this book.

Now that the killer of Amy was revealed in Hemlock, Thornhill opens up a new story and revealed more secrets about Trackers and a camp of werewolves creating a new hide-and-seek between Mac and her gang, and the Trackers and camp officials. The mystery and suspense from the first book didn't disappeared; it came back and left my heart pounding and my mind searching again.

Mac and Kyle's relationship deepened and I felt it myself. I just wished Kyle stop running away from Mac. Jason seems to be different in this book. Instead of Amy's ex-boyfriend image, he appeared to be more independent. Like, he's carrying his own name and character. He's the same old Jason who still couldn't live without drinking alcohol, but he also improved in Protecting Mac department. He gave way to Kyle's and Mac's relationship despite his broken heart that he never showed. It made my heart break instead since I found him a good person and could give a love a girl would dream of. Both guys deserved a girl like Mac, and once again, let me tell you that this love triangle is one of the best, broken hearts set aside.

The last few chapters was to die for. I loved every second word of it. Its fast pace became faster, the suspense doubled, and the revelation is a major cliffhanger. I would do anything just to have the third book now.

Thornhill was a really good sequel to the remarkable debut series, Hemlock. It gave me things I'd wish for a sequel and gave more than I asked for. If you'd ask me for an unforgettable and wonderfully written paranormal-mystery-thriller-romantic novel, I'd recommend Hemlock series. You'll love it as much as I did!

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* Thanks to Megan and HarperCollins International for a print copy of this book in exchange of honest review!


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