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Celebrating Debutantes 2013: Hafsah Laziaf (13 Random Facts + Giveaway)

Let's welcome on the blog today an author who was published at the age of 20, and she's not only an author--she's also a book blogger like me!

Hafsah Laziaf

13 Random Facts

1) I was homeschooled, and as such, I barely know a handful people in real life.

2) I love zucchini.

3) I used to hate reading and writing until I started homeschooling in 6th grade and had nothing else to do.

(Sidenote: And now you're a blogger and an author!)

4) I was born on the east coast of the US, raised on the west coast, and now, I'm stuck in the center (Texas).

5) I had one goal: to be published by 20. And while it didn't happen the way I expected, it happened.

(Sidenote: Congratulations!)

6) I have an Arabic name, but sadly, I'm not Arab. I do know I have ancestors who are Moroccan, however.

7) I was a proud lover of Windows until my dad practically forced a Mac on me.

8) I'm a workaholic.

9) I'm the oldest of four children, and the younger three are close in age, while I'm nearly six years older than my brother.

10) I've flown around the world (not at once).

11) I love donuts.

12) I rarely leave my house and I love the fact that I don't.

(Sidenote: *hip-bumps*)

13) Before writing books and designing websites, I used to make jewelry.


More about Hafsah!

Hafsah Laziaf was born on the east coast on a hot summer day in 1993, raised on the west coast and is now stuck in the middle – in Texas – with more books than she can read. She’s the designer behind IceyDesigns and the blogger behind IceyBooks.

UNBREATHABLE is her debut novel.

Check out Hafsah's debut novel!

(Unbreathable #1)
by Hafsah Laziaf

Published October 29th 2013 by Hybrid Fiction

Blurb (Goodreads):
One hundred and fifty years ago, Earth was destroyed, and the remaining humans fled to the dusty red planet of Jutaire, where the only oxygen is manufactured, food is scarce, and death strikes often. 

When Lissa's father discovers Earth still exists, she accidentally inhales the toxic air of Jutaire, and in one breath, discovers she isn't quite human.

Her father hangs for his discovery, and Lissa knows the Chancellors will come for her, for she saw the Earth that night too. With nothing to lose, she sets out to expose the truth. It isn't long before she meets Julian, a beautiful boy who can breathe the toxic air like she can - and shows her that the Jute, the original inhabitants of the planet, are more tangled in their lives than she knows.

But the Chancellors are only pawns in a greater game - one where the Jute control everything. Worse, the Jute plan to leave Jutaire for Earth, but to get there, they need her. And they'll stop at nothing until Lissa is in their clutches, even if they kill every human in the process. 

The race for Earth has begun.

Unbreathable is a tale of love, redemption, and sacrifice, and one girl's struggle to find her place in a world where she doesn't belong.

The Escapist

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