Monday, September 1, 2014

Ongoing: Splintered and Unhinged Read-A-Long + Giveaway

The time has come. Welcome to Splintered and Unhinged Read-A-Long!

As you can see on the banner above, #SplinteredReadALong is from 1st to 2nd of September, while #UnhingedReadALong will be running from 3rd to 5th of September. This post is to remind the participants of this exciting event, the giveaway, and to invite more people to join. It's pretty easy! Just SIGN UP HERE

To learn more about this read-a-long, please check out the FAQs I posted weeks ago. And here's another question to be added on the FAQs: Someone asked me today if participants should tag @AGHowardPH on Twitter in each post? That is actually up to you. We'd appreciate the tag so we can RT you and see how you're enjoying and fangirl together. Please include the appropriate hashtags too if you can (#SplinteredReadALong or #UnhingedReadALong). I know that Twitter has a limited amount of characters.

As for the giveaway, the Rafflecopter widget is attached below. for participants to enter. Again, this giveaway is for participants only. However, if you want to join this read-a-long and to be one of the two (INTL!) winners of the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland-inspired necklace or Splintered series swag (photos below), SIGN UP NOW! Please sign up before #UnhingedReadALong starts. Sign up closes on September 3rd.

Thank you so much to the fab author of this lovely series!
First, for writing such breathtaking and magical novels
and second, for donating these for the giveaway! *hugs*

There are TWO MANDATORY entries. (1) Your name that will serve as a confirmation that you have signed up to join this read-a-long. (2) Your links to your read-a-long updates, posts, etc. Yep, this is mandatory. BUT you'll earn 2 points everyday for that! The rest are non-mandatory entries but with cool amount of points to be earned.

Rafflecopter runs from September 1st to 14th. An additional week for you to earn points on your daily entries such as the update. You can add your previous update links as long as you HAVEN'T entered it before.

P.S Don't forget to follow @AGHowardPH on Twitter for updates and fangirling! ;)


- must be a read-a-long participant to join
- open INT
- ends September 14th
- I'll check the entries so be honest!

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