Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Splintered and Unhinged Read-A-Long

Hey everyone!

I'm here to announce the first ever read-a-long I'm hosting and joining at the same time. 

Together with  @AGHowardPH, a Philippine-based fandom that I created for Splintered series and A.G Howard books, I have set up a mini read-a-long event for the first two books of Splintered trilogy: Splintered and Unhinged.

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UPDATED! (8/18/14) Check out the giveaway and sign up section. ;)

I have listed some FAQs below:

What books?
Splintered and Unhinged by A.G Howard.

What format is preferred?

ANY format is welcome. Whether your book/s is/are print, ebook, or audiobook.

What if I have read one/both book/s, am I still welcome to join?

Yes! This event is originally me and my books. I was planning on re-reading Splintered last month in preparation to read Unhinged for the first time. I made it an event together with @AGHowardPH so that fans (who already read the books) AND first time readers can join!

Can I join the read-a-long of one of the books only?

Yes! You can join Splintered OR Unhinged OR both read-a-long. They have different set of dates, anyway!

Do we have to read at the same time?

Nope. I understand that we all came from different time zones. As long as your clock struck 12 on the first day of the read-a-long, you can read the book anytime you want--make sure that you wait for the first day of the second read-a-long to read the second book, though!

Do I need a blog to join?

No, you don't need a blog in order to join! All you need to have is your book/s, a Twitter account (because that's where we'll updating), and your time. ;)

You can also update via Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google +, or anywhere you want! But if you don't have a Twitter account, you can use Facebook or other social sites to update. Make sure to include the hashtags #SplinteredReadALong and #UnhingedReadALong and tag to me!

You can find me on: TwitterFacebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Goodreads, and Google +.

What do we need to update?

You can update by quoting your favorite lines and/or your current page or a photo. Please remember to include the appropriate hashtag always and tag us (especially @AGHowardPH on Twitter) so we can RT, like, or re-post! Of course you can also chat with other participants and fangirl over Jeb or Morpheus. ;)

REMINDER: Avoid spoilers on quotes or photos you'll be posting, please!

Will there be giveaways?

Unfortunately, we don't have any thing to giveaway. BUT we're welcome to anyone  who's interested in donating book/s, swag, GC, or anything series-related! ;)
YES! Two participants will win (1) an awesome Alice in Wonderland-inspired necklace, or (2) swag pack (check it out here), thanks to the gorgeous author, Anita! And it's open internationally!

Reminder: Make sure to sign up on the form below to be part of the drawing. This is where I'll CONFIRM if you really joined the read-a-long. Sign up deets below.

What happens after?

We would highly appreciate a review, if you're a blogger or reviewer of any sites/platforms. If you already have a review--that's okay!--you can tag us your link and we'll RT/re-post. Re-review sounds good too!

Posting review/s is NOT required but highly appreciated! 

Where should we sign-up?
No need to sign-up! Just be there at September 1 to 2 and September 3 to 5 with your book/s! You can let us know you're joining by commenting below or tweeting @AGHowardPH for some pre-buzz and chitchat. ;)
Sign up HERE

This is MANDATORY unless you don't want to be part of the drawing for the giveaway. ;)

Sign up ends on September 2nd.

How can we help?
Oh, we'd love your help! You can help us by tweeting, posting, blogging, etc. about this read-a-long. You can also post the banner above or upload it on your blog or Facebook. Let everyone know! Any way is a big help!


You can also join the thread on Splintered group on Goodreads.

That is all!

For additional questions, suggestions, giveaway donations *wink, wink!*, etc.,
please tweet @AGHowardPH or email us at AT gmail DOT com

Spread the word, invite your friends, and join us to experience
the magnificent twisty tale of the real Wonderland.

Thank you and see you there!


  1. Sounds like fun! I've been meaning to reread Splintered and Unhinged so now I have a good excuse!

    - Kate @ Fictional Thoughts


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