Monday, February 3, 2014

Music Monday (22): Last songs that I heard around..

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly. Let's talk about music..on Mondays!
Hey everyone! It's time again for Music Monday!

Today I'm up for a change so I decided to share to you the songs/music videos that I've unintentionally listened, watched, or read for the past week and let's see if I'll add them on my playlist!

You ready?

(Randomly ordered.)

  • Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble

If I remember it right, I've heard this song on the car over the radio. The tune was upbeat, I can relate to the lyrics, and I like the instruments used--I hurriedly type some parts of the lyrics keeping in mind to search it when I arrived home. Yes, this one's on my playlist now.

  • Ain't It Fun by Paramore [music video]
Having Paramore's official Facebook fan page liked, I saw their update on their new music video, Ain't It Fun.

  • Confident by Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper [music video]
Bieber being one of most popular artists right now, I don't wonder why I knew about his new music video despite of not following him.

  • Midnight Memories by One Direction [music video]
Another new music video I've been hearing/reading the past few days was One Direction's Midnight Memories.

  • Message in a Bottle by The Police and Lock Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars
I was reading a book called In Bloom by Katie Delahanty and these songs were mentioned. There was this scene that the female main character (the book's narrator) was on the Oscar's and when someone asked how was the front act, she forgot who and which song was played but she said it's Lock out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. She was laughed at by her seatmates and been told that it was Message in a Bottle by The Police.

The main male character defended her and told her later that she was right, those songs were similar. So when I opened Youtube today, I searched for the said The Police song (I'm already familiar with the Bruno Mars song) and agreed that the two songs were actually similar. (I was even expecting the vocalist of The Police to sing "oh yeah, yeah, yeah"). LOL

  • Perfume by Britney Spears
I was browsing TV channels one day and saw that MYX (a music channel in the Philippines) was playing this MV.

  • Limitless by Planetshakers
This song was sung last Friday on a weekly night jam (Friday Night Jam) I attend to. The song stuck to me until I arrived home.


That's it! So far the songs and music videos that I remember
I came across to for the past week.
Which songs/music videos have you incidentally listened/read/watched?


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