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Book Review: In Bloom by Katie Delahanty

In Bloom
by Katie Delahanty

Series: The Brightside #1
Genre: NA, contemporary, romance
Expected publication: February 10th 2014 by Entangled Embrace
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Pre-order: Amazon * Barnes and Noble

Blurb (Goodreads):
My name is Olivia Bloom and I. Am. Free.
I left for LA with everything I owned piled into my old Volkswagen and dreams of becoming a costume designer. Little did I know I’d wind up designing for a lingerie company—yeah, not sure how I landed this gig—and taken under the wing of two young Hollywood insiders. The fashion shows and parties were great, but life really got exciting when the seriously hottest lead singer of my favorite band started to fall for me. 
How does someone like me, an ordinary girl from Pittsburgh, wind up in the arms of the world’s sexiest rock star—surrounded by celebrities, fashion, and music—and not be eaten alive? Berkeley is everything I've ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, but the paparazzi, the tabloids, the rumors, it's all getting a bit too crazy. My life has become every girl’s dream come true, if only I don’t blink and lose it all…

My Thoughts:

Bands, LA, ordinary girl, and a promise of an epic you-and-me-against-the-world love story. This the the formula of some of the books that I loved such as Thoughtless by S.C Stephens and A Song For Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles, to name a few. So whenever I came across a book sounding like them, I check it out and read the synopsis thoroughly. And In Bloom captured me.

In Bloom is about Olivia Bloom--an ordinary girl trying to live an ordinary life. But her life changed when she met Berkeley, the frontman of the famous--and her favorite--Berkeley and the Brightside band. The first chapter hooked me up instantly and I became more interested in this book. Olivia's perspective was fun and very fangirl that it was easier for me to read and like.

Even though the love story was a bit fast for me, I have to say that the chemistry between Olivia and Berkeley was undeniable. I had the feels and it made me smile and feel ticklish. I enjoy reading their moments together. 

The title was different from the main story of this book. In Bloom turned out to be a lingerie line named after Olivia. It was cool, but the connection between the title and the story wasn't strong enough. I hope it was more related. However, I found an interesting fact about this book and the characters. I read Katie Delahanty thanked Sara Bareilles for [early] tweeting about the book on her Acknowledgements. I searched for the tweet on Google and found more interesting and fun stuff. In Bloom is a true-to-life lingerie line and the book was first an "interactive, fictional fashion-romance novel being presented in blog format". (Check it out here.) Upon further research, I found out that the famous-from-the-book Twitter handles of Olivia Bloom, Berkeley Dalton, Parker Mifflin, Blair Hamilton, Mrs. Bloom, and more. Which was reaaally cool. I also read their tweets and those were the exact tweets they exchanged as featured in the book. These things makes Olivia, Berkeley, and In Bloom's world more realistic. Fun!

Overall, In Bloom was an enjoyable read. I like most of it but I feel like there's something lacking. I'm so glad that this is actually a series. I'm excited to find out what happens next. Readers who like YA/NA contemporary romance or chick-lits would enjoy this book. If you also liked the two books I mentioned above, Thoughtless and A Song For Julia, you'd want to read this as well.

*Book contains minor sexual references and occasional coarse language.

Thanks to Entangled Embrace and Netgalley for an e-ARC of this book!


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