Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines 2014

Years ago, I've been thinking of what event could I put up on February. Since obviously it's the love month, I tried to think of a fun celebration of the said event. Until December (2013) came and all at once the bulbs start to light, and poof--a week-long celebration! I didn't have a name then. The hardest part was picking a catchy name. Something that would sound like Valentines or February. At first I was a little skeptical about the Feb Feels name, but it stuck on my head and I don't want to think of any other name anymore. :D

So...what exactly is Feb Feels?

Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines is a week-long celebration of Valentines, February the love month, romance, feels, and just love, love, love! For the entire week, I will be featuring a romantic/love playlist, share my top picks and anticipated YA/NA contemporary romance, book reviews, YA/NA contemp romance author interviews, and giveaways (of course)!

Check out the complete schedule below:

February 9th -   Intro post
                              Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines 2014
                  10th - Playlist
                              Music Monday (23): Kilig
                  11th - Back-to-back-to-back book reviews
                             Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
                             The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
                  12th - YA/NA contemporary romance top picks
                              [Feb Feels] Waiting on Wednesday + Top picks
                  13th - Compilation of author interviews
                              Feb Feels: YA/NA contemporary romance author interviews
                  14th - Happy Valentines!
                              Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines Giveaway 2014
                  15th - Wrap-up post
                              Feb Feels: 7 days of Valentines 2014 Wrap-Up

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So what do you think of the event name? Are you excited like I am?
Leave your thoughts below!


  1. Hihihi I'm so excited for the playlist because I feel so sawi right now and I need some kilig songs to pump up my mood hehe. Looking forward to the next 7 days!

    1. Yay, thanks Kayla!! <3
      I hope I won't get you or my other readers disappointed. The playlist is now posted!

  2. I am very excited,can't wait!!

  3. This year is special because The 15th day of Chinese New Year according to the Lunar Calender (also known as the Eastern Valentine's Day) and the Western Valentine's Day falls on the same day. So it's like double Valentine's Day! :)


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