Monday, February 24, 2014

Music Monday (24): I'm Not One of Them

Today's edition of Music Monday is about girls (don't close this page yet, boys. You  might get some tips. *winks*) who are not like the other girls or what the boys think/want, especially when it comes to love. There could be a Mr. I-have-it-all out there but there are girls--us--who you cannot easily get, and we also have better stuff for you than the other girls can give. The songs below says as well.

  • I Guess We're Cool by Cassadee Pope
"I'm a little scared 'cause I wanna share
The best of me with you
But along with that comes a few red flags
You should know what you're getting into"

  • Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Coz sometimes, you're better off without him.

"I'm not gonna write you to stay
All you have is leaving
I'mma need a better reason
To write you a love song today"

  • Without The Love by Demi Lovato
Not all girls can be swooned by love songs, you know.

"Why are you singing me love songs?
What good is a love song?
What good is a love song without the love?"

  • Put it in A Love Song by Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce
LOL I know this contradicts the last song and message I gave you, but my point in here is: Girls likes it when boys earn them.

"Gotta work it baby, work it out 
If you want me baby, Work it out 
If you need me baby, Work it out"

  • Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift
"All those other girls, well they're beautiful but would they write a song for you?"

  • I'm Not One of Them by Lauren Alaina

"There’s a lot of girls who might just fall for what you got but I’m not one of them."


Are you not one of them?
Do you have your own playlist for being the different girl when it comes to love?
Share them below!

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