Monday, December 16, 2013

Music Monday (18): Soulfire Revolution

Another week, another blessing! Just waking up each morning is a blessing. Let us thank Him for all the blessings no matter how simple or huge it is. One of the ways to thank Him, apart from prayers? Singing! Today I'm featuring a band I first heard from G12 Conference Philippines last October 30th 2013.

Let us listen and sing with them the praises to our Lord--I promise you, their songs are AMAZING and if you let yourself, life-changing. :)

Soulfire Revolution!

  • Revival (ft. Kim Walker-Smith)
  • What An Awesome God
  • Spirit Break Out (ft. tobyMac)
  • Glorious
  • Count The Stars (ft. Martin Smith)
  • Awaken My Heart
  • We Sing
  • So Much More
  • Place of Surrender
  • All Yours
  • Just One Drop


Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
Have a wonderfully blessed week!

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