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Celebrating Debutantes 2013: Jeffrey Salane (13 Random Facts + Giveaway)

Check out the [secret] soundtrack made by debut author Jeffrey Salane for his book, Lawless + 12 other facts + giveaway of his book and a poster!

Jeffrey Salane

13 Random Facts

1. I have a very unhealthy obsession with college football. Very unhealthy.

2. My greatest fear in life is being attacked by a werewolf. Just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate.

3. The idea for using the Takeaway Rembrandt in LAWLESS came during a sleepless night while reading a book called STEALING REMBRANDTS on my phone on the floor of my daughters room when she was sick.

4. All said, it took 4 years for LAWLESS to happen. And only 9 months of that timeline was spent seriously writing the story. The rest was a patient journey of waiting and waiting and waiting and…

5. I am married to a YA author who continuously surprises me with her amazing books. We have an agreement that I can never read anything she writes until it's printed.

6. I have an MFA in poetry and thought I was going to be a college professor, but life took me in a completely different direction.

7. I was voted homecoming queen in high school, but the principal wouldn't let me claim my prize.

8. In the past, I played drums in tons of bands that no one ever cared about, but was lucky enough to play in two bands that people did. In fact, I'm labelmates with Led Zeppelin, T.I., Flo Rida, Death Cab For Cutie, and Rush. Jealous? Don't be. They have no idea who I am.

9. I have been writing songs since I was 9 years old. The first song I ever wrote was called, "L-O-V-E (And That Spells Love)" while the second song was called "Life's A Beach (Any Way You Slice It)".  Sadly, neither song was ever recorded, but if we ever meet, I'll totally sing them to you.

10. There's a secret soundtrack to LAWLESS that I listened to every night while writing and I've never mentioned to anyone except my editor. But since we're sharing secrets...

        1. Glasgow Mega-Snake by Mogwai
        2. 10 Mile Stereo by Beach House
        3. Walkabout by Atlas Sound
        4. Dream of Dreams by Fang Island
        5. Careful Crossers by Fang Island
        6. Hindsight by Built to Spill
        7. Floating Vibes by Surfer Blood
        8. My Gap Feels Weird by Superchunk
        9. A More Perfect Union by Titus Andronicus
        10. Come Saturday by The Pains of Being Pure of Heart
        11. The Me I Despise by Skeleton Coast
        12. Secret Weapons by Resi Noth
        13. Cheerleader by Grizzly Bear
        14. Foreground by Grizzly Bear

11. I have actually written and published over 100 books under pseudonyms…but LAWLESS is the first book written under my actual name…if Jeffrey Salane is my actual name.

12. Here’s another little known fact, for a year, I was in the intro for a series of MTV commercials and in the opening for 120 Minutes…which was way back when MTV actually played music.

13. I have visited all 48 states in the mainland US, but only liked 40 of them.  Those other 8, you know who you are.


More about Jeffrey!

I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, but moved north to study in Massachusetts and New York City. After spending many years playing in many bands, I’m currently working as an editor and writer, and live with my awesome family in Brooklyn.

Find him: Website * Facebook

Check out Jeffrey's debut novel!

(Lawless #1)
by Jeffrey Salane

Published April 2013 by Scholastic Inc.

Blurb (Goodreads):
The Lawless School provides the right education for kids on the wrong side of the law.

M Freeman has been homeschooled her entire life. So M has no idea just how unusual her education has been - not until she leaves home to attend the prestigious (and mysterious) Lawless School.

Suddenly, it's very clear to M that her tutors have been preparing her all along for a life of crime. She excels at escape tactics. She's a whiz at spotting forgeries. Her years of piano lessons pay off when picking pockets and cracking safes.

M's newfound talent for criminal mischief soon brings her to the attention of the Masters, the secretive school's most secretive clique. M's interest in the Masters is personal - joining this international dishonor society is her best chance to learn the truth about her father's life . . . and his death. But when her first real-world heist goes wrong, M is left wondering: Is there truly honor among thieves?

Jeffrey Salane's first novel is full of twists and turns, reveals and reversals. Spoiling the ending for your friends would be criminal!

The Escapist

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  1. Fact #12; makes me wonder what happened to MTV, I miss when they truly plays music

  2. Totally love Jeffrey and Lawless! Ready for Book Two! Thanks for the interview. :)


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