Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twitter Topic: 50 Things About Me

A new meme! This is about Twitter trending topics where
we, Tweeps, share random things and thoughts to the world.
I'm gonna share it here also on my blog! Enjoy and Tweet back. ;)

Twitter Topic

Trending #1 for two days (two days ago?):

So today, I'm gonna tell 50 things about me!
Listed randomly but numbered so we won't lost count. :)
(First four entries were posted on my Twitter account.)

  1. I don't listen to rnb. Before, I did, but now, no. And I don't feel bad or lost something about it. Am I the only one in the club?
  2. I love butterflies, flowers and everything colorful about nature. It makes me feel good.
  3. I love staring up the sky whether it's clear blue or starry night. Same reason as number two.
  4. I grew up with the knowledge of J.K Rowling is a guy. o.O
  5. Leftie.
  6. Doesn't have a guy best friend/close friend.
  7. Loves laughing. Seriously.
  8. Hopelessly romantic. Yes, I still believe in happy endings and true love. :)
  9. NBSB. Explains number eight. LOL
  10. Prefers to read a book (fiction) than go out.
  11. Have never ride on a motorcycle.
  12. Don't know how to swim.
  13. Don't know how to single (two-wheel) bike.
  14. Not the sporty type. Or even like sports. I think that explains numbers thirteen to fourteen.
  15. Wonders why people bother with love if it never last. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's a T-Swift song, Mine. I have to agree with that line. Why would they even call it love if it never last? Love never last.
  16. I eat a lot. But I never get fat (which is quite a problem since I'm soo skinny).
  17. Wished I was taller. PLEASE! I'm like 5' 2''? Not that small, but I want to gain more height because my sister is like, 3 inches taller! And I'm the elder!
  18. Always has a hard time sleeping early at night. I think it should be 9 or 9:30 onwards before I drift off to sleep.
  19. I read books before sleeping.
  20. Likes eating fruits especially the juicy ones like watermelon, apple, grapes, sunkist oranges and papaya.
  21. Once dreamt to be a popstar (I think I was seven at that time)--okay, up til now! XD
  22. Just the sight of bookstore or shelves full of books makes me feel like I'm in heaven.
  23. I don't like Lady Gaga. Or her music. Same as Rihanna.
  24. Loves bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and pastries!
  25. I'm not the 'speaker' type of person. I'm a writer.
  26. I always wish I'm as enthusiastic in reading textbooks as I am in reading fiction.
  27. I like hugs! (Because I barely get one. My family or friends are not a huggy type. :(
  28. I find my ex-crush's hands unflattering. I just hate his nails.
  29. I suck in drawing. But I love arts. Arts isn't just about drawings and paintings, yes?
  30. I found love letters, long walks and stargazing with the one you love romantic. <3
  31. Can be too silent. Can be too crazy.
  32. I love the sound of guitar.
  33. Turn off: people who smoke, drink and do drugs. No offense meant.
  34. I have a stage fright. I don't know how to speak in front of a crowd. My knees would go weak, my voice would be absent suddenly, I find it hard to breathe. But I'm not the worst person ever, swear.
  35. I sometimes can't stand window shopping. Depressing.
  36. When I'm concentrated on a certain thing, expect I won't hear you until you repeat what you're saying 3-4 times or nudge me.
  37. Math. Science. History. NO WAY.
  38. What pisses me off: disturbing me from listening to a good music.
  39. I've got my first crush when I was in first grade.
  40. I thought white uniforms are boring. Yeah, like the one I'm wearing every day.
  41. Not used to wearing rings.
  42. I sometimes found awkward situations funny. There are times I want to die (not really) when I'm in one--which is: most of the time. XD
  43. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke.
  44. I will never EVER ride roller coaster and Ferris wheel!
  45. I HATE zits. Who doesn't?
  46. I have two sisters. One is 2 years younger. The other is 17 years younger.
  47. I never been to one concert. How sad is that for a music lover like me? ;l
  48. I play guitar, beginner.
  49. I want to learn how to play the drums and piano!
  50. Did I mention you that I have 17 years younger sister (she's now 2 years old)? Oh, yes. What I didn't tell you is that she just hid my phone. Where is it?? Aw, COME ON!


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