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Book Review: Behind Shields by Kolina Topel

Behind Shields by Kolina Topel, paperback edition book cover

Behind Shields
by Kolina Topel

Genre: Paranormal, romance
Editions available: Paperback, Kindle
Publisher: Createspace
Date published: March 27, 2012
Source: Goodreads group: We <3 YA Book! (ARR)

Summary (Goodreads):

I used to have a perfect life. A life that any girl would kill for. I recently graduated college with my nursing degree. I have the greatest family and the best friend I could have ever asked for. I also just married the man of my dreams. My soldier. My Andrew. 
Everything was perfect until that deployment. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And that’s where everything went to hell. That’s where everything changed.
See…I have to make a choice. I have to save one of their lives. Andrew, my husband. Or Audrey, my best friend.
How do you choose something like that? How could I choose between them?
I forgot to mention one other thing…about Andrew. He’s kind of a vampire. And the same vampire that tried to kill him was now after me. 
And you thought you had problems.


My Thoughts:

This book started great and I loved it immediately. I love the way the author got the inspiration of writing this book from the man she knew. How he was special to her and his family. How he was a good guy.

Behind Shields was like contemporary meets paranormal. Usually, we'll call it paranormal right away. But this book, from start up to the middle, was full contemporary--that's why when I reached the huge twist and highlight of this book, it's like it's hard for me to sink in. It felt like a dream.

The characters are great and it hold their own personality til the end of the book. I really liked Andrew and if I ever got a chance to be friends with him (the real one), I'd be lucky too. I also liked Audrey, her best friend Natalie, and the antagonist and other vamps, although their identity and intention needs more clarification.

I liked it and would liked it more only if there'd be answers to the questions even the female protagonist, Audrey, hadn't have a clue of. It's kind of frustating for the book to end with no answers and with unfinished business. I can see how great this would turn out if only it had been complete til the end. I wonder how will the story in movie will come out. Will there be answers? Will there be proper ending?

What I'm not sure of, though, if this was supposed to be a series? Would there be a sequel? If there'll be, I'd be glad to change my rating into 4 hearts. :)


Paranormal, romance, contemporary readers. The characters of this book aren't teens. They're actually college--recently graduated--aged, but YA readers will enjoy this also.

Book cover comment/s:

Cool! I've never read a book with a soldier in the cover. At first look, you would think that this is an adult fiction, when it's with a twist of paranormal and can be liked by YA readers.


  1. Michelle, thank you for the review!!! I love getting feedback from readers and I appreciate the honest review. The book is indeed going to be a series, guaranteed 3 books, possibly more. I am busy working on the second, as well as the movie, and I hope that I can answer all of your questions in the next one. :)

    1. That's good news, then!
      Can't wait to read the sequel and maybe, see the movie. Good luck!
      Thank you also for providing a copy. I hope we can meet again with the next book?


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