Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cover Look: Uglies and Delirium

A meme where I--we--talk about book covers.
Whether we have a certain theme or being the Shame Same.

Cover Look: Uglies and Delirium

There was a time when I got confused by these two. Because they have the almost the same cover. I didn't put them as Shame Same because I don't think someone did the copying; it's like both are (and I know they are because I both read them) just illustrating the story of the book--or the female protagonist.

Uglies was published first in year 2005, while Delirium was published in 2011.

(Click on the Delirium cover for my book review.)



  1. I definitely want to read Perception. It looks awesome!
    By the way, is there a way you can turn off the music from automatically playing. No offense, but it's kind of starting to get on my nerves :/

    Oh, and (one last) by the way, I'm trying to organize a teen blogger group who can get together to chat about a book or review it as a group every once in a while. You mentioned you were in school, so I figured I'd ask. Would you be interested in joining? Email me if you are ( =)

    1. Haha it's okay. The player is located on the right hand sidebar (Music Corner). Just click pause or stop. :)
      I'd like to join but I'm trying to manage my school and blogging time. Not to mention my being a daughter and a sister time (believe me, there's such thing in my life). I'll be seeing what can I do..but I hope I can join! It will be fun. :)

      Well, if you like Perception that much, you can buy it on your fave store or if you're a blogger, you can ask Elle (or Lee, as her pen name) for a review copy. She's looking for a reviewer.:)

  2. Oh whoopise, this was supposed to be on your Perception post. Sorry!


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