Monday, July 2, 2012

Michelle Shouts Random: On Tumblr, Networked Blogs, Book Blogs and Youtube

Hey guys. Been busy these days. I've got classes from Monday to Wednesday then duty from Thursday to Saturday. Lots of paper works (not to mention the duty itself) and advance reading (textbooks, dear) and case study! I barely sleep nowadays. The circles!

And because of that, I also barely blog. Don't worry, I'm currently writing my soon-to-be-posted posts and will post it as soon as I can. BUT for now, let me tell you the news that I *finally* (after having second thoughts) created Tumblr for my blog. And my request was accepted last Thursday on Book Blogs (I'm only a member for four days, but the people there are so friendly and I'm loving my stay!). AND also activate Networked Blogs.

Yes, you heard that right. Michelle Shouts Random now on Tumblr, Networked Blogs and Book Blogs! So now, let's do the following! Just click on the image too direct on my page. Follow me, I'll follow back (just let me know)!

* I'm also featuring my Youtube account which is almost four years old now.

Michelle shouts: Thank you!!! <3


  1. Cool this is crystal from CrystalReads and book blogs. Love your tumblr page!!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! Love yours too. I followed back! :)


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