Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life of a Blogger (2): School

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Last week's topic: Collections

This week's topic:

So I guess my old readers know that I already graduated college last April and I'm now free from school. YIPEE! But it won't be exciting if I don't share at least a little about it, yeah?

Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo campus.
Yep. That's my school, outside. Thanks, Google.

I also found some old photos uploaded on my Facebook..

Inside the campus. The building on the right is the building you saw on the first photo. It's the other end of it. We call it VMS bldg (initials of one of the owners of the school). The call the building on the left JSB.

Our Lady of Fatima University's vision and mission.
That's me (in front) and my friend/classmate Janine on the hallway. Quite peaceful, huh?

The majestic black metal horse on JSB bldg.

Our classroom. (This was the time when we surprised our professor who's leaving,
in case you're wondering about the Superman on the board. XD He loves Superman.)

Everytime there are occasions like each college department week (e.g Nursing Week), we set up a stage on the side of VMS bldg. The entire event takes the all the space from VMS to the side of JSB bldg. This serves as the walk/driveway on regular basis. We have an AVR but it can only occupy at least 200 people and the stage is too narrow.

I took the photo above on the pageant of Nursing Week last year. My last year on college, my last Nursing Week. The theme is candy and it just looks so cute. Unfortunately, we were sitting at the side so I don't have a photo in front.

Me with my friends on the stage after Nursing Night.

So that's my Alma mater. I bet you're expecting to see our library but I never got a chance to take a photo of it. Nothing special, anyway. Majority were textbooks (of course) and the fiction section is just a half of one box of shelf. The titles are also a nay, so nothing special there. But when you go inside the library you'll either mistaken it as a hotel (lots of people sleeping *coughs* I sometimes also do), or hallway/classroom (I bet you a hundred dollars that our library is the noisiest library in the entire world. You'd barely see people studying). But if that doesn't caught your attention first, maybe the sweaty smell would.


That's it! I'm not sure if that's what really the topic is about--what our school looks like--but I hope you enjoy these photos and trivia. ;)

Now tell us about your school!

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