Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life of a Blogger (1): Collections

Hi guys! Welcome to the new meme I'm featuring on the blog, The Life of a Blogger!

Hosted by Novel Heartbeat, Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature with different non-bookish topics so you'd get to know us more! To learn more about this meme or if you wanted to join as well, check this out.

This week's topic:

Will I be breaking the rules if I say that my collections are actually books? Because they really are, now.

Me with some of my books. Photo taken December 2013.

When I was in high school, I collected Candy magazine (a local teen's magazine).

I also collected Jonas Brothers stuff. Too bad they've disbanded. :(

And Taylor Swift stuff.

Some of my Taylor Swift magazines (posters are not in this photo).

I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift but I collect Swift-related stuff in moderation because if I don't, I'd be poorer than I am now. :3

Now apart from books, I've also collected some bookish swag. I wasn't exactly collecting them, but I've been receiving them from authors, publishers, bloggers, and from winning giveaways. I'm not even aware of how they've grown!


Tell me about your life outside blogging/books! What is/are your collection/s? :)


  1. This is such a nice post, it's great to see your collections! I used to collect pretty stationery!

    1. Same here! I forgot to include them. Haha but yeah, I used to collect them when I was in grade school.
      You can also join this meme! Just check out Novel Heartbeat's rules. ;)

  2. This is interesting! I don't really collect anything...I just hoard books...Anyways interesting type of post, excited to see more of this!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! You too could join this fun meme. Just link it back to Novel Heartbeat. ;)

  3. OMG, your fangirl collection is sooo cute! I used to collect Candy Mag too but when I stopped, I sold it to a junk shop and made P300+, hehehe.

    1. Haha thanks, Kayla! I was thinking of selling them also but I don't want to. :(

      Wait, P300 lang? How many mags did you sold?

  4. I used to have a giant magazine collection! I had a lot of Cosmo, and some 17, and something else that I don't even remember that was geared toward teens. Then I stopped reading them and decided to throw them all out to free up some space in my closet >.<


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