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Celebrating Debutantes: Author Emily White (Interview)

Author Emily White

"If you're interested in characters who explore their dark sides, things that go boom, and teleporting fairies in space, then this is the book for you. Or if that doesn't tempt you, perhaps you like humorously named cats. You will not be disappointed."
- EMILY WHITE, debut author of 2012

How was the feeling of being a published author, at last?

Oh my goodness, it's parts terror and joy all rolled into one. On one hand, my dream had finally come true, but on the other, my book was out there in the world to be judged by everyone. It's very terrifying, but it's also amazing.

Are you interested in writing with different genre or audience?

Oh yes! I love trying all new sorts of genres like steampunk, horror, and fantasy, as well as science fiction. But most of all, I like to mix them. 

Do you read reviews about your book?

I try not to. For the first week after it was published, that's all I did and I got so obsessed. It was definitely not good. I didn't get any other work done! Now I avoid them unless a blogger specifically lets me know they posted one. And I love getting those emails! I tend to go a little crazy spreading the word around facebook and twitter.

What is your (best/fun/unforgettable) moment with a fan?

It was at BEA last June. I was just standing in line, waiting for a book when the girl in front of me turned around, read my name on my little yellow tag and said, "Oh my gosh! You wrote Elemental!!" I totally swooned. Best moment ever. We spent the whole time in line chatting. It was amazing.

Who is the character on your book who has the most response from your readers?

Meir! And oh my goodness, I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. Meir is my favorite character. I wanted to focus on a different type of relationship in Elemental--along with the standard girl meets boy romance--so I created Meir, Ella's father figure. He is amazing and he doesn't take a backseat when the romance really starts. He's a very pivotal character and I think a lot of people have really connected with that.

Which stresses you more: writing/finishing your book, looking for a publisher/getting your book published, or seeing negative feedback from the readers?

Oh definitely seeing negative feedback from readers. I mean I know it's bound to happen, but I'm such a little weakling when it comes to that stuff. That's really why I avoid reading reviews. I'm just afraid I'll happen upon a negative one. I'm definitely one of those people who would prefer going through life being loved by everyone. If I ever saw a negative review, I'd be like, "but, but, but...LOVE me!!! *pout*."

Was there any book/s from other debut author of 2012 that you loved?

Oh yes. I LOVED "Keeper of the Lost Cities," by Shannon Messenger.

Author you dream to work with?

Is this like a totally fantastical dream that will probably never happen? Well, if so, I'm going to dream big. James Dashner. Or Jonathan Maberry. Oh yes, please!!! These guys are just absolutely amazing and I LOVE their writing styles. If I could ever write something with them, my life would be very nearly complete.

Fave character from a book (not yours)?

Patch Cipriano from Hush, Hush. Swoon. :)

Did you read your book (like, from first page to last)? If you did, what did you felt?

Yes! I know, I'm such a goober. Honestly, I had a hard time convincing myself I wrote it. It was kind of like an out of body experience. It was very surreal.

What should we check out on your next book?

Well, of course I'm working on edits for the sequel to Elemental, FAE (due out in December, 2013), as well as a super secret Elemental related story, but my very next project is a steampunk short story collection being published next month called, To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World! It's a hodge podge of humorous, sometimes scary, steampunk flash fiction stories centered around a motley crew living in Steamville, New Hampshire. There are succubi in corsets, zombies in love, werebots, pool boy vampires, and so many others. You should definitely check it out next month if you don't mind spending $.99. 

(Sidenote: This interview was taken a month ago, so it meant that To Love or Die is set to be released this month.)

Share us one embarrassing moment you've had. 

Embarrassing...embarrassing...hmmm...Oh man! I have one! But it is soooo bad. I swear, I really am a lady, but this will make you think that I am not. I was at a party and getting really bad intestinal discomfort. I couldn't just leave to go to the bathroom because I was in the middle of a conversation with no end in sight. I was fairly certain I could pull off a silent one, so I casually leaned forward and prepared to let it out nice and easy. It started off well enough, but pressure built and I couldn't hold it back! It all rushed out and reverberated against the wood dining room chair I was sitting on with no muffling from my bum (because I was leaning forward). There was no way I could pretend it wasn't me because I immediately turned red. Everyone laughed and my husband congratulated me. It was horrible.

(Sidenote: Ohmygod. So embarrassing, indeed. But also, so hilarious! LOL XD)

Fave joke?

A doctor and a lawyer were dating the same girl. The lawyer had to go away for a week and gave the girl seven apples. Why?
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! :P

What's the recent thing that made you cry?

Sending my eldest off to school for the first time. It was crushing.

When's your birthday?


Do you read/believe in horoscopes?

No, not really.

Fave movie?

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures

Fave artist/song?

Right now it's Of Monsters and Men, by Little Talks

How did you celebrate the publishing of your book? :)

I actually forgot to celebrate. I know, I know. I DID, however, celebrate signing with Spencer Hill Press by going out to dinner with my husband at The Melting Pot.


EMILY WHITE lives in NY, wedged between two of the Great Lakes and a few feet of snow and ice.  She's spent most of her life running away from the cold, and even spent a year in Iraq, but now contents herself with writing her characters into warm, exotic places in faraway galaxies.  When not tapping away at her computer keys, she can be found reading, reading, and reading some more.  And when she's not doing that, she's usually playing video games with her husband, peek-a-boo with her kids, or walking through her garden, wondering why the bugs insist on eating all her vegetables.  

Blog * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads

by Emily White
(Auri #1)

Published: June 5th 2012 by Spencer Hill Press

Summery (Goodreads):

Just because Ella can burn someone to the ground with her mind doesn't mean she should. But she wants to. For ten years--ever since she was a small child--Ella has been held prisoner on an interstellar starship. Now that she has escaped, she needs answers. Who is she? Why was she taken? And who is the boy with the beautiful green eyes who haunts her memories? Is Ella the prophesied Destructor. or will she be the one who's destroyed?



buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

Sequel to Elemental:

by Emily White
(Auri #2)

Expected publication: December 10th 2013

Summary (Goodreads):

Not all fae'ri tales come with a happy ending.

Ella thought taking care of the ego-bloated Mamood god would be a sure way to bring peace to the galaxy and satisfy her taste for revenge.

But she was wrong.

Despite the fact their god is gone, the Mamood refuse to abandon their attack on the planet Soltak and Ella's own so-called friends start to turn against her. And with Soltak dying--its oceans drying up and its plants withering in the ground--Ella and Cailen suspect there's a new enemy at work. As more people die and more water is leached from the planet, they both prepare for something straight from a nightmare.

The fae are coming.


A collection of steam punk short-stories in ebook format!

To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World
by Emily White

Expected Publication: December 22nd 2012

Summary (Goodreads):

10 Tales of Steampunk Silliness and Spookery.

In the cozy seaside village of Steamville, New Hampshire, an unfaithful zombie, out of control werebots, succubi in corsets, and more wreak havoc in this short story collection.

By Emily White, the author of Elemental.


Thank you so much Emily White for droppin' by today!
And thanks to you, too. :)

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