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Book Review: Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover

Point of Retreat
by Colleen Hoover

Series: Slammed #2
Genre: Contemporary, romance, YA, new adult
Editions available: ebook, Kindle, paperback
Date published: September 18, 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Atria Books
Source: Publisher/Netgalley

Summary (Goodreads):

Hardships and heartache brought them together…now it will tear them apart. 

Layken and Will have proved their love can get them through anything; until someone from Will’s past re-emerges, leaving Layken questioning the very foundation on which their relationship was built. Will is forced to face the ultimate challenge…how to prove his love for a girl who refuses to stop ‘carving pumpkins.’


My Thoughts:

It's hard to keep my thoughts and feelings intact when they're overflowing. But I will try my very best to keep calm and write a review for one of the best books I've read this year.

Point of Retreat is the sequel to the very amazing Slammed. The story of Will and Lake continues in this book. This time, in Will's POV.

It was a nice change by being in Will's point of view. I'd get to see Lake in his perspective--how and why he loved her--and to know him better. In Slammed, in Lake's perspective, he appeared to be the jerk guy she liked but a caring single mom-and-dad to his brother. But here in Point of Retreat, he's the guy who loved Lake for everything about her--that includes her craziness, flaws, her care about her brother and mother, her endless pumpkin-carving, her, and her alone. I liked how the author used Will's perspective this time. It made me know him better and so are the other characters. I really felt his love, respect and faithfulness for Lake.

A relationship won't work unless there are trials to test their strength and prove what they really have. Will's and Lake's relationship was tested in this book not only once. And once again, I smiled, laughed, and..cried reading this. I felt the true love between them and their joy by having each other.

Slam poem/Slamming didn't *thankfully* disappear. Though it only appear once, it was one of the BEST and my fave scene. It just made my heart swell. I also adore the new characters. It added highlight to this sparkling book. They are just so cute!

I super loved Point of Retreat. I cannot say if this is better than Slammed because both are the best. See the Favorite badge above? I rarely post that along my reviews. It is because I really, really, really loved this book. And so is the first one, Slammed.

I am now a certified fan of Colleen Hoover.

If I would write a slam poem about Will's and Lake's love for each other, it would be...

"Doubt Not"

Doubt not my love for you
Because my love for you is the most real thing
Doubt not my faith for you
Because you are the only one who I truly love
Doubt not your love for me
Because if you do, then your heart must've been lying
Doubt nothing what is between us
Because what we have is real, true and rare
We are lucky
I am lucky to have you and your love in my life.

And let me recommend you this book by using slam poem..

"I Got Slammed"

my heart stopped
It takes a while before I feel it back
Just because this wonderful love story I haven't heard
Just because I can feel the characters through my heart.
I smiled a huge smile
I laughed again
Reading this would just make me feel this way
They were just so cute and ridiculous and fun
I have them in my eyes, for the second time
It was just real and right
I can feel it from the words dancing on their way to my heart.

Point of Retreat,
I truly loved.
I am so lucky to read you in my life.
Such wonderful books.
Colleen Hoover,
You just make me emotional.
But it just make me like you more
And now, you are one of the best.
I can really say you are one of the best.

Dear readers, why not not read this?
Stop what you're doing and read this.
But before you read this,
make sure to read Slammed first.


* These slam poems are ORIGINAL. They are MINE. Any form of copying (full or part) without my permission AND my name on your credits would be considered PLAGIARISM. My slam poems may not the best or spectacular, but they are treasure, for me. I WILL know if they're are copied or shared without permission. Please respect and just support. Thank you.

Book cover comment/s and alternate cover:

Whichever, they're both simple yet butterflying awesome. :)

UK edition.

* Oh, and a MILLION THANK YOU to the awesome publisher, Simon & Schuster/Atria Books for posting Point of Retreat as a Read-Now galley. I almost cried when I didn't find this before. And then I saw it the next time I logged in--as Read-Now! Awesome, eh? Thank you!!!! *hugs*

I hope I could get my own copy soon!

*I'm giving away a copy of Slammed or Point of Retreat on December 26th for the Best of 2012 Giveaway Hop!
Check out my review of Slammed (Slammed #1).

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  1. Excellent review! I have Slammed and this book in my stack to read. I hope to get to them soon!!

    Tiffany Craig
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