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Blog Tour: The Midas Tree by Dr. Lesley Phillips

Joshua lives in the Garden Of Color and Light, an idyllic paradise where he is always playing and having fun. Each day is like any other, until he finds a magical golden acorn that enraptures him and propels him on an incredible adventure.

After being guided to chase the acorn as it flies through the garden, Joshua discovers a door at the base of a tree; and once he enters his life changes for ever.

Joshua is transported into a mysterious realm within “The Midas Tree.”

Desperate to return home, he sets about exploring this unfamiliar environment. He encounters sticky situations and meets wily characters along the way. Fortunately he does not have to face them alone. His guides are the mystical creatures that live inside the tree, called Devas. They are keepers of ancient secrets that can help Joshua to cope with the obstacles he encounters and the challenges he meets.

Joshua learns from the Devas that if he wishes to return home, he must first transform himself – and “The Midas Tree”.

The Devas are fairylike nature spirits, who love “The Midas Tree” and live to keep it happy and healthy. Each Deva presides over a different realm within the tree and lovingly passes on their knowledge of their territory and the mysteries it holds.

Joshua’s quest is to uncover the spiritual secrets of the tree, overcome challenging situations and oust his inner turmoil to finally fulfill his destiny. He is taught different techniques and skills that help him cope with the trials he encounters. The processes that the Devas expose him to begin a path of revelation where he learns the truth about himself.

This spellbinding story overflows with challenges, magical creatures and mystical superpowers, which you too will discover along the way.

“The Midas Tree” is a spiritual adventure novel aimed at a middle grade to Young Adult
audience; although all the adults who have read it like it too.

The more mature readers that have read the book say it reminds them of “Illusions” by Richard Bach, or “The Celestine Prophesy” by Michael Redfield, but with the flavor of a fairy tale.

Children who have read The Midas Tree say it is reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland” and other well known children’s books. They enjoy all the funny characters, which include talking animals and insects, and each selects a favorite deva.

The Midas Tree has many teachings. It is an adventure story, a guidebook for personal spiritual unfolding and even includes lessons about biology and nature.

It is a book that parents can enjoy reading with their children or that teachers can share with their classes to introduce them to internal self awareness.

The Midas Tree is a book of light that offers techniques that can help all people cope when they are going through difficult times in their lives; as well as illuminating the path to personal enlightenment in a fun and entertaining way.


Excerpt from the Midas Tree


     Once upon a place where there was no time, and once upon a time where there was no place, there lived a boy who wasn’t quite yet a boy. He held within him the potential to be a great man or indeed a great woman, for the spark that creates a boy can, in the twinkle in an eye, also create a girl. 
     He lived in a garden of brilliant light, under the guidance of a mentor who helped him on his path to greatness. They agreed together that the boy would travel to a new world, where the light of home contrasted with darkness. The tension between these would stimulate new experiences, and allow new knowledge to spring forth. 
     The boy’s chosen purpose was to become a teacher, who would help everyone who entered this world after him, so that they could choose peace between one another, and harmony with their world. Part of the agreement was that he would forget some things about who he was, and why he was there. He would have to search for his own answers first, before he could help others find theirs. In this journey of forgetting and remembering, his path would emerge, and he would be able to enact his full potential in the world. 
     Birth into this new world was painful. He arrived in a state of fear and panic, shocked by how different this place was, compared to the light from whence he emerged. Because he didn’t know where he was, or how things worked, he became frustrated. The more he realized how little he knew, the more tormented he became. He suffered physical pain, emotional anguish, and mental turmoil. Then he blamed and became angry with his mentor for leading him to this place. 
     Nevertheless, his yearning to find his way home was so strong, that it compelled him onward. Initially through trial and error, and gradually through the application of what he learned, he grew in both stature and experience. By observing the special ways of the creatures he met, he discovered how to heal his pain. He learned techniques that helped him overcome the agony and misery he was experiencing. He began to feel empowered to improve his new world.


About the Author

Dr. Lesley Phillips is a speaker, author, workshop leader, meditation teacher, healer and clairvoyant reader.

She began her career as a PhD scientist and business woman in the biotechnology industry. However Lesley was always interested in meditation and spirituality and she developed her abilities in parallel to her busy career.

Before coming to Canada in 1998 she trained in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the
School of Insight and Intuition, Richmond UK. She was also a member of The Rainbow Bridge Dream Work Group where, she explored dream incubation, dream re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying and dream symbol interpretation. Earlier in her spiritual journey she received much guidance and experienced many premonitions through her dreams, having kept a dream diary since childhood.

Much of her formal spiritual training was at the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center in Seattle, where she was mentored by renowned author and speaker Mary Ellen Flora. She graduated as an ordained minister in 2003 and from the centers teaching program in 2005, when she began teaching classes and workshops for CDM Vancouver. She also holds private and corporate meditation workshops.

Subsequently Dr. Phillips has taught counseled over a 1000 individuals and presented at over 100 live events. She is known as a caring, gifted teacher and speaker that brings out the best in people. Her book “The Midas Tree,” spiritual adventure story for children of all ages will be published on 11th November 2012.

Dr Lesley Phillips
Twitter: @DrLesleyP

A story for children
aged 8 to 108.

The Midas Tree
by Dr. Lesley Phillips

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