Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ARC Review: Dreamfire by Kit Alloway

by Kit Alloway

Genre: YA, urban fantasy
Published February 24th 2015 by St. Martin's Griffin
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss
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Blurb (Goodreads):
Joshlyn Weaver has always lived with a big secret. Ordinary kids spend their free time going to the movies, hanging out with friends, and searching on the internet.  

But for her, an evening at home usually means entering people's dreams. For many generations, her family has been part of a very powerful and very secretive society of dream walkers. Tasked with the responsibility of lowering the world's general anxiety — which only leads to war and strife in the waking world — their job has always been to stop nightmares before they go too far.
By stopping nightmares while sleeping, they help to stop nightmares in real life. 

But when an ancient feud within the dream walker society resurfaces right when a seemingly unconnected series of very strange and very scary events start occurring during her dream walks, Josh finds herself in a race against time. The one true dream walker has never been known. Could she be the one? 

My Thoughts:

*This review is based on advance reading ecopy. There might be some changes with the finished copy.

Dreamfire is a rare gem you couldn't find at the top of the world. I saw this when I was browsing Macmillan's catalog and I am in awe after reading the blurb. I thought I wouldn't have an opportunity to read it due to time constraint. I tried my luck on Edelweiss and search for it and saw it was ready for download. No need requesting! Lucky I am indeed.

There's a secret society hidden from the reality of the World. A society wherein the people dreamwalk on a person's dream--mostly on nightmares to resolve the dreamer's fears or end the nightmare. The seventeen year-old main character, Joshlyn Weaver, was shown to be plain and sullen due to a painful past, but talented in dreamwalking. Everything about Josh has something to do with the story as I realized after reading, and it added depth to the overall.

Dreamfire seem to start in the middle of a story that's why I had a hard time getting to it at first and tried to digest to heaviness of their world. But when the heaviness wore off and I started to learn more about the Dream, dream-walking, and Josh's world, I found myself enjoying each page. I really liked that Dreamfire has unique story and world-building. The book was told in third perspective--like other books---but the words and narration seem to make the book more distinct. The pacing was a bit slow at first but it didn't felt like I have to drag myself to read it, because it's interesting enough.

I really liked Dreamfire. The Dream world-building was crafted beautifully. It was imaginative, unpredictable, bitter, and sweet. A tale of strength, friendship, fears, love, and loss. You wouldn't feel that the story was concealed within the real world because it felt like a high fantasy. This book has different kinds of physical and emotional adventure. It was full of painful and exciting scenes that had me wanting for more.

*Thanks to St. Martin's Griffin forthe review ecopy in exchange of an honest review!



  1. Great review! The story sounds pretty interesting. I don't think I've read anything like that before, so I'm curious about the dream-walking aspect of the book. Plus that cover is beautiful.

  2. I like fantasy novels and this book sounds like and interesting read to me. Can´t wait to read it :) I´m glad you liked a Dreamfire

  3. I like fantasy novels and this book sounds like and interesting read to me. Can´t wait to read it :) I´m glad you liked a Dreamfire

  4. I hadn't heard of this before but I need to add this to my tbr! It sounds like such a cool idea/unique twist on the dreamwalker idea.

  5. I just got this one from the library, and I cannot wait to dive into it. It sounds like such a good story, and I am looking forward to getting to know the dream world, and Joshlyn! Thanks for the review!


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