Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music Monday (31): Random picks

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly. Let's talk about music on Mondays!
It's been weeks since I last posted a Music Monday meme. Since I'm very busy when Friday comes up until weekends so I don't have time to write for Monday post especially if I want something special or have a certain theme. Anyways, here are my random music picks..because, why not? :P

  • Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin
Because the lyrics is my Facebook's current cover photo and because it's the latest song added on my playlist.

  • You Sound So Good to Me by Lucy Hale
Because it's the first thing I saw when browsing Youtube and because it's my current favorite from her.

  • Blonde (acoustic) by Bridgit Mendler
Because I'm not a blonde.

  • When I'm Gone/Cup Song by Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect)
Because I can't do the cup thingy.

  • Roar by Lorde
Because she's Taylor Swift's new BFF. And I envy her.

  • Counting Stars by OneRepublic
Because I cannot help but dance with this song.

  • All of our Stars by Ed Sheeran
Because I haven't watched the movie and I'm swimming in my ocean of tears because I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED THE MOVIE.


What songs are your random picks for today/rest of the week? :)

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