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Blog Tour (Review + Giveaway): Plus One by Elizabeth Fama

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Plus One
by Elizabeth Fama

Genre: YA, dystopian, sci-fi, romance
Published April 8th 2014 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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Blurb (Goodreads):
Divided by day and night and on the run from authorities, star-crossed young lovers unearth a sinister conspiracy in this compelling romantic thriller.

Seventeen-year-old Soleil Le Coeur is a Smudge—a night dweller prohibited by law from going out during the day. When she fakes an injury in order to get access to and kidnap her newborn niece—a day dweller, or Ray—she sets in motion a fast-paced adventure that will bring her into conflict with the powerful lawmakers who order her world, and draw her together with the boy she was destined to fall in love with, but who is also a Ray.

Set in a vivid alternate reality and peopled with complex, deeply human characters on both sides of the day-night divide, Plus One is a brilliantly imagined drama of individual liberty and civil rights, and a fast-paced romantic adventure story.

My Thoughts:

I was instantly captured by Plus One's cover, and the blurb didn't failed to impress me as well. There are lots of YA books now and still to come and I'm looking for something that I never heard of--something new. And when I saw Plus One, I think this might be it.

At first, I was completely lost because I couldn't get into Sol's character/head (or is that me and my stressed mind? LOL). But after a little patience, I dived in to her shoes and understand her situation and their world. I understand her need to kidnap her brother's baby so that Poppu--their grandfather--can at least hold her (he's blind) before he dies, but it didn't stopped me from thinking it was a reckless idea.

I loved the idea of dividing people into Day and Night. I never read a book with the same concept before and this differentiates Plus One from other books. The technology was also a really good thing in this book. The characters are easy to adore. Poppu wasn't much into the scene but since Sol always talked about him, my heart learned to love and wept for him as well.

The story about the "desk partner" isn't new to me since it was similar to Faking Normal except they're drawing (and sometimes write) here, instead of only writing. That desk story alone is a big give away of who's who and what will happen next--but it didn't stopped me from loving the romance. It was really sweet and wonderful because it wasn't an insta-love, there wasn't a love triangle, and the story didn't revolve around them despite on what you might think on the cover. The love story was simple but adorable, so cute, and so not irritating. I feel like it was too soon to say the L word, though.

What I didn't expected was this kidnapping thing goes on until the end of the book. It was like where the story revolved around. And one more baby and a fake one. Although the main issue is political, I didn't felt it because of the drama and babies. I wished their world was emphasized more since it was the highlight of the book but at the same time, I'm glad it didn't turned out like other dystopian novels.

Plus One has it all: moving story, likable characters, adorable romance, adventure, fresh concept, and even beautiful, beautiful writing. It was my first time to read a book from Elizabeth Fama and I'm impressed. If you're interested in all these, then this book is for you.

*Thank you so much Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), Netgalley, and Dianne of Oops! I Read A Book Again for this opportunity and review ecopy!


About the Author
Elizabeth Fama is the author of Plus One (FSG, 2014), Monstrous Beauty (FSG, 2012), a YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection and Odyssey Award honor winner, and Overboard (Cricket Books, 2002), an ALA Best Books for Young Adults. She is represented by Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger, Inc.

Find her: Website * Twitter * Tumblr



  1. Look interesting story. The cover book was catch my eyes.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. So glad you enjoyed it!! I absolutely cannot wait to read it :D

  3. Glad to hear that there's no insta-love in this book! The cover is really gorgeous :)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. I loved the cover of this one, but I was wary going into it. I was worried that I wouldn't like it as much as I wanted to. I shouldn't have worried, because I LOVED it. Sol was a great character, and I understood her on a lot of levels. I loved the plot, the romance.... I just wish there were going to be a sequel, because I feel like there is a lot more of this story to tell!


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