Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday (29): Lucy Hale Sings!

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Lucy Hale sings!

That's what I thought when I heard her sing in the movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song. I wasn't a fan of hers so I don't know anything from her. I only knew her from Pretty Little Liars (but I don't watch; I'm just aware of the show). So when she started singing in A Cinderella Story, I was shocked. I thought she was just an actress. I didn't think she sings!  I even considered she might be lip-syncing. LOL But she also sang more songs in the movie and well, she had a really good voice. And I liked it. I liked her voice and I thought she really should sing more and have an album.

So when I heard (which was recently. I know, I've been living under the rock the past months because of college) that she released a single called You Sound Good To Me off her upcoming album, Road Between, I was really excited!
Official album art. Source.
While listening to her new singles, I thought, "thank God she went country". Not only because I love country music (okay, maybe because majority of it was that I love country), but also because it suited her voice so much. I thought she'd continue pop since that's the genre she recorded on the movie and it sounds okay for her. I think country suits her better. And after hearing her songs, I knew Lucy Hale is my newest music icon. I'd listen to every song she'll record.

Here are some songs she recorded on the movie:
  • Extra Ordinary from the movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song

I love this song so much. It's my fave from the movie. The lyrics are so me.

  • Run This Town
Also love this song. Love the beat and the good vibes I'm getting from it.

  • Make You Believe
Love this scene from the movie.

As I was browsing Youtube for more songs from her, I found these two:

  • Have You Ever
First sentimental song I've heard from her. According to the comments I read from Youtube (her die-hard fans, I suppose), she recorded this when she was 13 and that this is a cover. That explains the different sound of her voice.

  • Nervous Girl (acoustic)
I think this one's from her album too, and wow.

And now, songs off her upcoming album, Road Between!
  • You Sound So Good To Me
I love, love, love this song. I didn't even knew it was her at first. I loved it even before I knew she's behind this lovely song.

  • Goodbye Gone
This one's country but on the chorus, with the repetition of "get your goodbye gone", I can hear it as pop. 


What did you think of Lucy's voice? Did you loved it? Did you think her voice suited country?
Share your thoughts!

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