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What's Cool? Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi book signing!

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Last Saturday, April 26th 2014, bookworms unite again for a huge and exciting signing event hosted by National Bookstore. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Shatter Me series, Tahereh Mafi, and her husband Ransom Riggs, author of New York Times bestseller, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children came back to Manila for second-time book signing together with another New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Veronica Rossi--author of Under The Never Sky trilogy.

*You can click the photos to enlarge them.

So my original plan was to arrive at the venue by 8 am (registration starts at 10) because I heard there are lots of people by that time on the last signing event I've been to. But I have to take care of my four-year old sister and then there was traffic so I arrived by 10. Here's what it looked like when I arrived:

Right side view.
Left side view.


I also heard the early birds arrived by 2 am or earlier than that. I mean, crazier. O_O

But at least these early birds got awarded and been sent to the stage to meet, take a picture, and hug the authors. Lucky, lucky birds.

So I arrived 10 am and guess what number I am? 525! It was really crazy. Later on when the venue got more crowded, I saw someone holding a ticket with number 1,200+. After I saw her number, I thank God I'm at least half a thousand earlier than her.

My books that are waiting to be signed.

(I have already got Shatter Me and Unravel Me signed last year. I haven't read Ransom Rigg's books.)

When the time got nearer, the crowd got more anxious and more excited to the point that they went wild when someone turned on the mic and say, "mic test." LOL The same thing happened several times and I am telling you, everyone was waiting like a town is waiting for a rain after years of nothing. I feel like I'm on a concert. Especially when they came out.

Screams, jumping, cheering, clapping, banners, and cameras. Everyone went wild. Including me, of course. And the authors are obviously awed that they took their cameras and took a photo/video of the crowd. It was just sad I can't see my face there because I'm at the back and I have to jump to see the stage. :3

Look at Tahereh's arm on Ransom's back. SWEET!

And because I'm at the back and then they seem to have a problem with their mic and the sound of speaker couldn't quite reach where I was and everyone's excited and so happy, I couldn't hear what they're saying *cries out of frustration* even if I strained. The. Best. That. I. Could. Do. I wished then that I have Aria's (Under The Never Sky main character) ability so I could hear them even without effort.

Oooh but here's a bit that I heard.

I learned by then (JUST THEN) that Tahereh and Ransom are married. It shocked me big time.

Last year, when they first visited Manila for a book signing event, I thought they were married. And then someone said to me on Twitter that they're just friends and I think she also said/I read somewhere that one of them is married. So just imagine my face when everyone's teasing them last Saturday especially when Ransom kissed Tahereh when the crowd chanted it. I just assumed they were sort of an author love-team. 

The same day I learned that they're actually married since September 2013 and it also proved how much I've been living under the rock for the past year. I couldn't believe I missed this news. :O

While everyone's kinikilig, the interviewer was asking Tahereh how was it having a husband that is also a writer (or something like that. I told you I can barely hear them). Tahereh's like (not her actual words, but almost what she meant), "It was actually lovely. You know, having to work with someone you love." *crowd: awww* while *she looked at him dreamily* "I love his books. I was so excited while he's writing [Hollow City] and everyday I would ask him, 'Did you write new words today? Can I read them?'"

Tahereh also said that they're writing side-by-side. And I feel like I could hear every fan sigh including.. *coughs* me. Seriously, if we can, we'd melt into puddle right there.

The signing starts so me and my friend ate and wandered around the mall while waiting for our number.
Check out this view from a floor above.
When we came back, I was talking to a girl when my friend called my attention saying the person in front of us in our line earlier was already at the stage. I freaked out and we ran at the line. I was afraid we wouldn't get our books signed and meet the authors. Thank God they still let us in.

Here's my convo with Veronica Rossi:

Me: Hi. Welcome to the Philippines!
Veronica: I'm sorry, I didn't heard...?
M: I said, welcome to the Philippines. 
V: Oh, thank you! I thought you said, "I finally saw my twin".
Me: *laughs*
V: You know, coz we're like twins..
*and then she's talking and I don't know what I'm doing because I'm already fangirling XD*
Me: I love your books. 
V: You do? Thank you!
Me: Yeah, I blog about them too.
V: Oh so you're a blogger?
Me: Yeah.
V: I should have known--so that's why I liked you instantly! I automatically like bloggers. 
Me: I like you, too.
*done signing my books*
Me: Thank you!
V: Thank you too. Nice meeting you, twin!
Me: *laughs* Nice to meet you too!

--- Longest conversation ever with an author, not to mention they're doing it [signing] fast because there are still hundreds of people! Veronica is just so nice and lovely and so talkative. (Haha) Love her too much!

Me with my twin. Uh, I mean, Veronica Rossi.
Me with Tahereh Mafi. I also hugged her!
(Excuse my haggard face. Oh, because you know, I've been fighting with heat and exhaustion for 12 hours already. XD)


Thank you so, so much to the wonderful authors we met--Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, and Veronica Rossi! I'm looking forward in reading more from you (this is the time where I beg Tahhereh to write more of Warner. PLEASE???) and meet you again. Huge thanks also to National Bookstore for bringing us awesome authors. Can't wait to meet more! ;)

The day might be so hot and tiring, but it was worth it. 

*All photos are taken by me.


Have you been into this signing? Or at any signing? Met authors somewhere lately?
Share your Cool stories (or links) below! :)

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