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Book Review: I Heart Beat by Edyth Bulbring

I Heart Beat
by Edyth Bulbring

Genre: YA, contemporary
Published February 6th 2014 by Hot Key Books
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Blurb (Goodreads):
Beatrice has got a deadbeat mum, an addiction to online messaging and an aversion to the sun. If she could stay inside all summer she most absolutely would. Except she's being shipped off to stay with her 'Grummer' - a grandmother she barely knows - while her mum has another go at rehab. If Beatrice is going to have any chance of having some peace she will need to distract Grummer with a husband. Unfortunately there aren't many eligible bachelors hanging around this cranky old dorp.

Her plan is simple: identify the target, establish contact and ensure eternal love. But all does not go to plan for control-freak Beat. Suddenly she finds herself ditching the factor 50 for freckles from swimming in the reservoir; her cucumber and tea-only diet is overtaken by peanut butter sandwiches, and the very important 'rely on no-one' policy has to make room for Toffie; a boy with a bike, a shock of red hair and a love for the natural fauna of South Africa.

Beat always knew that love was found in unexpected places. She just never thought that it might find her.

My Thoughts:

With that lovely cover and interesting blurb, I had some expectations for I Heart Beat. I had in mind a light, fun, and romantic read, and it made my fingers itch to read this book since my "bookish body" seems to crave for fun romantic contemporary this year.

Beatrice/Bea/Beat was being sent to her grandmother (Grummer) by her mother for a vacation while her mother goes to the rehab. When I started reading I Heart Beat, I was rather disappointed. The tone alone of the main character feels unwelcoming and whiny. She obviously doesn't love her mother--which I quite understand because of her mother's behavior, based from her. She barely knew her grandmother because they didn't have communications before so she planned something to keep her widowed grandmother off her back--search for a new husband.

Beatrice was the first main character I met that I absolutely have no sympathy for. That might sound trashy, but it was based from her tone and story. While she didn't love her mother, she also didn't love--or like--her grandmother and late grandfather. She even say mean things about them; it made me cringe. When she met new people on the place they're staying, she does the same thing. Don't like them and say mean things about them, even with the person who treats her as a friend. 

The story goes on and I came to the point on page 131 (middle of the book; only had 193 pages) and I said, as I updated on my Goodreads status, "Where, exactly, is this going?" Because that's what I think. I don't know where the story would go, I can't find a sense or connect to the characters. Beatrice keeps on being whiny and mean. She's not anti-social, but she obviously hate people. I don't think she love or like anyone.  I guess the only thing I quite like was the ending. At least someone was there for her Grummer and her mother seems willing to change. I hope Beatrice do too.

I Heart Beat was supposed to be a funny and light read, but I ended up disliking it. I wasn't impressed how Beatrice attacks people in her mind, especially her only relatives and even the church and the people. There was also never a romance in it, like I assumed. Her supposed to be love interest was weird (but okay as a person) and they don't have the slightest connection. Maybe because she didn't like him at all. I think this book isn't just for me, but go try it if you think you'll like it.

*Thanks to Olivia and Hot Key Books for the copy in exchange of an honest review!


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  1. I was reading the book's blurb and was really intrigued by it. I mean, how can you not be intrigued when the love interest's name is Toffie? It's too bad that your expectations of this book weren't met. Oh well, there are much better books out there, lol!


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