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ARC Review: Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens

Faking Normal
by Courtney C. Stevens

Genre: YA, contemporary, romance
Published February 25th 2014 by HarperCollins Children's Books
Source: Publisher

Blurb (Goodreads):
An edgy, realistic, and utterly captivating novel from an exciting new voice in teen fiction.

Alexi Littrell hasn't told anyone what happened to her over the summer. Ashamed and embarrassed, she hides in her closet and compulsively scratches the back of her neck, trying to make the outside hurt more than the inside does.

When Bodee Lennox, the quiet and awkward boy next door, comes to live with the Littrells, Alexi discovers an unlikely friend in "the Kool-Aid Kid," who has secrets of his own. As they lean on each other for support, Alexi gives him the strength to deal with his past, and Bodee helps her find the courage to finally face the truth.

A searing, poignant book, Faking Normal is the extraordinary debut novel from an exciting new author-Courtney C. Stevens.

My Thoughts:

*This review is based on the advanced reading copy. There might be some changes with the finished copies.

Faking Normal is a story about two young people with an unfortunate past then fell in love with each other. Again. This would be the 5th book I read with the same theme this year. But this book was different from others.

Alexi had a secret. She never told it to anyone (of course; it's a secret) not even her family. Especially her family. Because it would change everything. Bodee's mom died and he's suffering not only from his mother's death, but also the complicated situation he's in. From the start, I feel from these two characters. Although this book was told in Alexi's perspective, I can also see and fully understand Bodeee. Yes, Bodee Lennox. *sigh* I think I've found my newest book boyfriend.

Bodee is the perfect love interest I've ever read. Since Faking Normal is also a romance novel, his role is a huge factor in the overall story. He is one of the major reasons why I loved this book. Sure, he's the awkward, quiet, and known as the "Kool-Aid Kid" in their school, but he is something a lot of gorgeous guys aren't. He's respectful and a perfect gentleman, and even if he's "quiet", he's deep and good at talk. I'm not sure if it's because he was broken, but I liked it. I liked him being a Words man. It's a major turn-on. Did I mention he's a gentleman? He respects and understand Alexi and her need for space. I mean, he's really, really nice and amazing I wish I could tell you all the bits I loved about him and what he did and said. I just love Bodee. If only he's real. I hope I could meet someone like him. XD

While Alexi and Bodee helped each other to cope with their broken pasts, they've created a bond they didn't expect. Bond that turned into friendship, and friendship that turned into romance. It was the other thing that I liked with Faking Normal--the progress of their relationship (or, the presence of 'progress'). It was not an insta-love, nor a physical love. It had planted a seed of trust, respect, and friendship. Alexi never gushed about how gorgeous, hot, or good-looking Bodee is but she made me feel like he is the way she talked and think about him. Bodee didn't told Alexi she's pretty but he made me feel like he thinks she's the most beautiful and important girl. Everything about these two is wonderful, adorable, and really sweet. I ship them(!!!).

The pre-ending seemed lacking and wasn't that much emphasized. I was expecting a more dramatic revelation but it never came. I hoped the author gave more spotlight about it just as how much the uncovering of secrets had. Nonetheless, this book was amazing.

Apart from the appealing romance, Faking Normal also has a tragic yet innocent attack to the readers. This book was simple but the wholesome and realistic story made the book incredible and for me to love it. Teens, adults, or children--this book is for everyone!

*Thank you so much Megan and HarperCollins International for the review copy!



  1. I READ AND LOVED THIS ONE! I would never have expected the person it ended up being! He seems so out of the blue, but that's what makes it really good! This book was just so good, and I liked that she didn't go for the popular football player guy.


  2. i've heard so many about this book. thanks for the review!


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