Monday, June 17, 2013

Music Monday (7): No Matter How Far by David Archuleta

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly. Let's talk about music!
There won't be a chance that I'll never feature this awesome guy in my blog and Music Monday. To be honest, I didn't have the chance to watch his battle in American Idol. I met him on his first ever single, Crush. From then on, I became one of his biggest fans. He doesn't only have the cute face that any girl would have a crush on, he also have this amazing talent and personality. I have a crush on him, yes. But the main reason why I love and support him is because he creates real music. His own music. Music that inspires people. Music that speaks to the heart, from the heart. I look up to him and I wish that he'd continue making music to inspire more people and to show to everyone that in this wild world, there's still humanity left. And did I mentioned how much I love his voice? There's something about it that touches me. It's like when he sings, it goes straight to my soul. Like an angel. I always say that he's my angel. Because he looks and sings like one. ;) My love and support for him isn't like a fangirl screaming to Justin Bieber. It's a real one with my head up, proud.

Everyone, let me introduce to you David Archuleta and his new album, No Matter How Far. Featuring songs that has been previously released, new songs and OPM covers from his Philippine album, Forevermore (which I'm still very proud of *clears throat*).

  • Track 01: Nothing Else Better To Do
This song was originally released as a Japan bonus track for his previous album, The Other Side of Down. I really like the easy feeling of this song and the cute lyrics. Makes me feel good everytime.

This lyric-video was made by me two years ago. Enjoy David's cuteness! ;)

  • Track 02: Everything and More

Everything and More was released on a radio station in Singapore and it's a promotional single from the re-release of the album, The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition, which features five brand new tracks including Everything and More, was released on July 19, 2011. (From the lyric-video's description)

  • Track 03: Don't Run Away

If you watch the video, there's a "DA 2014" written on the train. People on Youtube says that he'll be back in [April] 2014 from his Christian mission.

  • Track 04: Tell Me
A song from his Philippine album! PEOPLE. Listen to his wooonderful voice. *sigh* Shame. This is a break-up song.

  • Track 05: Love Don't Hate

  • Track 06: Wait
I just love his voice. I'll never get tired of saying that.

  • Track 07: Heart Falls Out
This is the first time I heard about this song. And I love it.

  • Track 08: Notice Me

  • Track 09: I'll Never Go
Another wonderful OPM song.

  • Track 10: Forevermore
One of my favorite OPM songs sang by him. That's perfect.

* * *

Do you, like me, love David? What's your favorite song from him? Apart from the featured OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs above, was there any that you have come to like/love? I'm curious on what you think about our love songs! Don't forget to leave your thoughts below! :)

Listen to real music. Enjoy real music. Support real music. Happy Monday!


  1. Love your post (and David's music)! I'd never heard any OPM music before David recorded Forevermore and I love all the songs on it... especially Rainbow, Reaching Out, You Are My Song and Forevermore. Thanks for your post!

  2. I "discovered" David when he released his OPM album. Forevermore is my all time favorite song but I also love all the songs included in the album especially Tell Me, You Are My Song, I'll Never Go, and Rainbow. I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you! :)


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