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Music Monday (6): Paramore!

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It's been a no-music Monday for the past two weeks. Now let's welcome back Music Monday with the awesome rock band, Paramore and their new album!

Paramore has finally released their fourth  (self-entitled) studio album last April 5th 2013 after four years of releasing their third album, Brand New Eyes.

It has been a talk between the fans their change of music: a mix of pop. How does it change the entire album? Does it really sound like other pop music, or Paramore still had their touch on these songs? Let's find out by checking out the tracks off their latest album + my and the community thoughts!

Their first single, Now, was released on January. To hear this song for the first time without a background that their changing their sound was a complete surprise for me. To be honest, I didn't liked it at first because if you know me, I'm not much a fan of artists who change their music. I'm always afraid of change, and I don't think I'm ready to handle Paramore's music change. I didn't listened to this song again until now. Now, I appreciated it more. Blame Paramore. I loved them too much.

  • Now
(I tried pasting the music video but it won't allow to play on other sites so enjoy the lyric video for now. You can check it out here, though.)

  • Still Into You
I've been repeating and repeating and repeating this song for weeks now. I loved it. I love the catchy tune and the lyrics. I also liked the colorful-ness of their music video, although at first I find it not Paramore-ish.

  • Fast In My Car

Nova @ Musings of a Blogder says she loved this song!

  • Grow Up
As I was checking out this song on Youtube, there were comments that are like, Taylor Swift wrote Never Grow Up and Paramore wrote Grow Up. I don't care, really. I love both artists and both songs have their own story. They're not really contradictory. If anything, the only talk here is the ironic song titles including Avril Lavigne's Here's to Never Growing Up (which I haven't heard yet).

  • Daydreaming
I liked daydreaming. I always do it. I think that'll be forever part of me. I think I'm going to listen to this song while daydreaming.

  • Interlude: Moving On
This song is too cool and too cute to be too short, really.

P.S This isn't the only interlude on the album. Stay tune.

  • Ain't It Fun

I noticed the lyrics that goes like, "Ain't it fun? Living in the real world" was a bit contradictory to my blog's tagline. That is so awkward. XD

  • Part II

  • Last Hope
  • Anklebiters
Okay, I found the song title kinda weird. Are they talking about shoes here? Because the new pair of shoes that I got gave me a pair of wound on the ankle!

Oviously NOT about shoes. (I was kiddin', anyway. Hey.) But I knew someone who I can dedicate this song to. La la la la...

P.S The tune is catchy and I really liked it. It sounds like Avril Lavigne + Paramore. But please feel free to always correct me.

  • Interlude: Holiday
Another interlude! Seriously, why are these too short?

  • Proof

I was listening to this song the first time while writing this post and playing Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook and I was like, Okay. OKAY. I LOVE THIS SONG. The only proof I need is this song and Paramore. ;)

  • Hate to See You Heart Break

Seriously? Why are people connecting this song to Taylor Swift? What's the story? This isn't the first time they're trying to connect her. I think this song sounds like old school, btw. 

  • (One of Those) Crazy Girls

Sounds almost like the previous song.

  • Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
The last interlude.

  • Be Alone
Awesome. This song is awesome. Come on. Listen to it. It's Paramore.

  • Future

When I listened to it, I can almost imagine sitting around with these guys and playing this song. It's like 3D. I almost feel like they're with me/I'm with them. 

Longest song on the album, and the longest song I've ever listened to. This song can also be an original soundtrack of an epic movie. Like Catching Fire or Divergent.

Japan bonus tracks:
  • Native Tongue

  • Escape Route

There are some songs that sounds like pop, but most of the songs are Paramore. Especially the two Japan bonus tracks. I think this album rocks and fans should get over with the comparisons. Let's just listen to the wonderful music, support Paramore and rock on!

Lemme know what you think about the songs! Which ones are your faves? Mine are Still Into You, Share your thoughts below!

Next week: David Archuleta!

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  1. I love Paramore! My favorite album is Brand New Eyes. <3


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