Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Review: Transparent by Natalie Whipple

by Natalie Whipple

Series: Transparent #1
Genre: YA, paranormal
Published May 16th 2013 by Hot Key Books
Source: Publisher
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Blurb (Goodreads):
High school is hard when you're invisible.

Fiona McClean hates her family, has had to move to a new school and seems to be completely invisible to the boy she likes. So far so normal, right? But Fiona really is invisible. She doesn't even know what colour her own hair is.

Born into a world where Cold War anti-radiation pills have caused genetic mutations, Fiona is forced to work for her mind-controlling mobster father as the world's most effective thief. When her father announces she must become a murdering assassin, Fiona and her telekinetic mother make a break for freedom. Running to a small Arizonian town, Fiona finds that playing at 'normal life' with a mother on the edge, a brother she can't trust, and a boy who drives her crazy is as impossible as escaping her father.

My Thoughts:

Invisibility is one of the most interesting powers I'm curious to have. Like, when you're randomly strolling the mall and you suddenly feel like watching a movie and you can just go in there without someone asking for the ticket (okay, that sounds bad. Sorry for the lame example). Or you saw your ex (not that I have one) and his new girl within fifteen feet and you don't want them to see you, invisibility comes in handy. But to be invisible all your life? That's ridiculous.

In Transparent, our main character Fiona McClean, is an invisible person. Since birth. She can't see herself, either! She don't know what color her hair and eyes are. Does she have a beautiful smile? How long does her underarms hair were now? I can't even imagine how she lived that way. That's the first thing that came into my mind when I found out that she's born invisible, not to be invisible whenever she wanted to. I find it really weird to be born that way. I'm just glad she lived seventeen years. Because of her 'powers', she became part of her father's syndicate without knowing. And when she and her mother find a way to escape, they did. Fiona then started living as a normal teenage girl who goes to school.

Despite the weirdness over Fiona's total invisibility, Natalie Whipple wrapped a very interesting book. It had a mixture of easy contemporary and paranormal-cy. I really liked the romance, even though I had predictions of the real guy she's going to end up with. Their relationship developed the way I liked it. It was funny and sweet and it kept me wanting for more. I also loved the revelation that took part near the ending. I was grinning like idiot when I read that part. It was certainly my favorite scene.

Transparent was a quick and easy read. I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the unforgettable characters, the love story and the mystery. I liked how it was contemporary-ish but with the twist of extraordinary super powers/talents. Readers who wants something light yet fun would enjoy this. Transparent was a good debut book. I'm looking forward in finishing this series. 

*Thanks to Olivia and Hot Key Books for providing me a print copy for an honest review!



  1. Hi Michelle! Quick and easy, huh? A lot of the readers I know were so excited for this one. I was a bit of scared of the hype it got. But I'm still happy that you enjoyed this! Yes, too much invisibility = so close to not existing. Great honest review! :)

  2. This book look interesting. You say this book quick and easy read, make me curious though. Thanks for your review :)

  3. Being invisible her whole life? Now THAT is interesting. I wonder how the author will execute the story. And I'm also looking for a light reading since all I've been gobbling down are hard to analyze books (i.e. Dan Brown books) so this will be a sort of refreshing read for me.

  4. Great review. This reminds me of the classic book The Invisible Man. I have always wondered what it would be like to be invisible. ;)


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