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What's Cool? 2013!

What's Cool? is an anytime meme created by yours truly. 

This is where I feature all the Cool things happened and also my version of In My Mailbox and Stacking The Shelves.
I also do blog announcements, updates and recap here!

What's Cool?

Hello 2013!!!

(Am I too late for this? :D)

I wish you all an awesome new year! Thanks for being here for me, for all my lovely readers, bookish and blogging friends, wonderful authors and everyone! I don't need to mention you all here, I'm pretty sure I'll left someone. But I know you know that you ARE amazing, right? That's why we're together! Yay!

So. 2013. *looking at it in awe like it was made of sparkling glitters*

Like I said on my tweet before the year ends (you'll know if you follow me), I think 2013 will be REALLY awesome. I've loved 2012 and it's sad to say goodbye, but whenever I hear or say 2013, I feel like it will be an amazing year for me. Which, I hope, is true. And to you, too.

Now, what I have for What's Cool? today doesn't have to do with the books I got or recap. But a bunch of announcements (but not too many). 2013 challenges, goals, etc.

On 2012, I've learn a lot of things about blogging. It opened my eyes and I'm like, wow. I must be really naive. Clueless. So I decided to change some of my blogging styles and add a little bit.

  • Book Reviews
As some of you may know, I got the books for review from authors who ask, Netgalley, book tours and books I borrow and buy. I decided to stop requesting in Netgalley because the only way I could read the galley was on my laptop. And it won't work on my busy sched and eyes. I also stopped reading e-books not because I don't want to, but because my phone--the only e-reader I have--was now dead. :(

But expect a lot of book review this year. Maybe a minimum of 3 per month? :)

To all authors or publishers, please read my Book Reviews page for the policy and how to contact me.

  • Reading Challenges

I joined one for the first time! It is Debut Author Challenge 2013.
I'm SO excited with this one. I don't know why. Maybe because it's my first. :D :P

And for this year's Goodreads Reading Challenge, I challenged myself to read 100 books. Last year, I originally put 50 books, but after I surpassed it in the middle of the year, I add 50 more books. Overall, I've read 104 books in 2012. But this year's gonna get trickier because I am challenging myself to reach 100 read by reading print books. On 2012, I've read 85% in ebook format. So let's see if I can have LOTS of physical books on my shelf by the end of the year. I can do it!


          2013 Reading Challenge
        Michelle has
             read 1 book toward her goal of 100 books.
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          view books

What challenges did you accept? How many books are you reading?

  • Blog Makeover
I'm thinking of a total blog makeover.

I'd like to change the title because I want my blog to focus on what I really blog about: books. It's because I realized that I am not doing what I told myself to do. To blog about random stuff. Have you noticed I only blog about books, nowadays? I don't think I could continue my goal of 'randomness' so I think I should concentrate on one. Though my main purpose of blogging is my thoughts about books, expect to see some music posts, from time to time.

I also want to change the layout. It's not that it's ugly, I liked it, actually. And a lot of people seem to liked it, too (as they told me). But now that I'm changing the title, I should change the banner as well, yeah? And I also think that my sidebars are kind of messy. I hate seeing the photos overlapping and I feel like it's too wide.

I guess I'll start my 'creativeness' again.

So when's the big day? On my blogoversary.
May. New title. New layout. One year.

You'd still be here for me, right? :)

Oh, and let me know what you think about my blog overall on the comments or wherever you wanted to tell me. What you liked, loved or hate, what you think about the makeover, anything. I'd appreciate your honesty. Promise, no hard feelings. :)

  • Comments
I'm so, so sorry about the comments that are left unreplied. I've been busy for the last two months not only from my college stuff, but also with Celebrating Debutantes and the holiday. I am not forgetting about you, dearies. I'm not a snob, I'm just really busy. I will reply to all of you now that I have more time. Sorry and thank you so much for droppin' by and reading my posts. You are all special to me. And to all bloggers who take their time, I will drop by yours, now. :)

And speaking of comments, I hate IntenseDebate. One time I've got comments, the next I don't have. What is it doing? EATING my comments? UGH. I was totally pissed.
So after the Celebrating Debutantes giveaways, I will remove IntenseDebate. I'm afraid some of my comments will be deleted as well. :( But after that, there won't be deleting again.
  • Celebrating Debutantes
This event got me really excited and thankful to a lot of you. Like I've been saying, it will be annual, so expect a yearly looking back of amazing new authors with their awesome books. Of course, there will always be giveaways!

I will conduct a survey about who's been your fave debut author and what questions do you like to ask them (be as creative and challenging as you can!) starting mid-2013 and let you meet my newest partner. I'll also let you know if there are changes or add-ons to the event. Recommendations are highly appreciated. ;)

  • Ad
I have ad spaces available for my blog. So if you're interested in promoting your book, site, products, etc., check out my policy on the Book Reviews page.

As always, share you thoughts (like goals, challenges and everything) on the comments below! :)

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