Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Feature + Giveaway: Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed

Robin in the Hood
by Diane J. Reed

Published October 14th 2012 by Bandits Ranch

“Is it any wonder I became a bank robber?” said Robin. 
But she never dreamed she’d fall in love…

15-year-old Robin McArthur thinks she has it all figured out when it comes to bilking her wealthy dad for guilt money as a substitute for his genuine affection. Until one day he suffers a stroke, and she learns the brutal truth.

They’re broke.

And everyone from bankers to bookies has come to collect.

His only saving grace is what he reveals to Robin in between drools: He truly does love her, in spite of all his mistakes.

Panicked and desperate, Robin figures she has two choices. Either surrender to the pestering caseworker and live in a skanky foster home, or take a chance and sneak her dad out of the hospital to make a run for it. Little does she know that stealing a car and hitting the road means that before the day is through, she will rob her first bank.

Now an outlaw, Robin finds a backwoods trailer park to hide her dad from authorities. There, she encounters Creek, a local bad boy who also commits crimes to provide for their motley neighbors. Realizing she could use Creek’s help, Robin proposes an ingenious plan—they should team up to rob banks together. But when their partnership leads to a romance that turns Robin’s world upside down, she soon begins to discover that people are more precious than pocketbooks, and real love means opening your heart to the kinds of treasures money can’t buy…


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Grand Prize: (1) Paperback Copy of Robin in the Hood, (2) Red by Taylor Swift CD, (3) Ruby Red Nail Polish, (4) Red Scented Love Candle, (5) Enchanted Forest Body Lotion, (6) Red & Purple Touch-Key Gloves (7) 2 Packets of Lindt Chocolate Truffles
2 Runners up: paperback or ebook (winner's choice) of Robin in the Hood

- winners has 48 hours to respond. If failed, I'll pick another winner/s
- ends February 10th

I'd like to thank author Diane J. Reed for making this giveaway possible. :)

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