Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Escapist turns Three! (15 Facts About Me + Giveaway)


It's been quite an eventful three Cool years and it wouldn't be that way if not for my awesome readers (you!), brilliant authors, thoughtful publishers, and amazing God! If you could notice I have started to become busier *again* for the past month. I've got a job now! Though I'm seconds away (not literally) from transferring to a better (I hope) work place and schedule. I'm wishing for more and stronger years with you all.

My original blogoversary date was May 27th but since I'm on a tight schedule and been also thinking of what I can do for the event, the celebratory post ended up to be today. So here's what I thought I'd share: 15 random (and weird) facts about me! I realized I've been featuring different debut authors yearly for you to get to know them better but never got a chance to share mine. So here I am! Don't forget to also check out the giveaway below. ;)

15 Random (and weird) Facts about Me:

1. My high school nicname was Chim. Back from HS there were three Michelles in our room so to avoid confusion and lame jokes, I created a nicname. Since I don't feel like being Mich, I tried to read it backwards and it turned out to be Chim. Better than Hcim, right?

2. My childhood dream was to be a singer/an artist. (I still do.) Unfortunately, my love for music is only a one-sided affair. It doesn't love me back.

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3. I love cakes, cupcakes, any kind of pastries, ice cream, chocolates, gosh, sweet treats! I also love adobong mani (similar to roasted peanuts). NOW I'M HUNGRY.

4. I'm an introvert, a leftie, and not fond of wearing nail polish.

5. Yesterday I had my first motorcycle ride. It was weird. You know, riding something

6. My very first reason to start a book blog is to receive free books. Mehehe

7. I don't like wearing sandals or open-toe shoes outside. I always prefer closed shoes.

8. I never like the idea of being a nurse, let alone taking the course. That's why my heart isn't in it on my four years of studying. I came to appreciate and want [to become] nurse when I was reviewing for the board exams. It was a little late but now I'm proud to be called a registered nurse. Besides, I always liked helping other people.

9. Heights? Swimming? NO.

10. Coffee? Nope, either. (Sometimes I do wonder whether I'm the only bookworm who's not in love with the combination of books and coffee. Or coffee alone.)

11. I was once obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, especially Joe Jonas. I used to kiss the cover of a magazine he's in. Don't tell me you never did that to anyone. DIDN'T YOU?

12. I got my left eye blurred from reading too much ebooks years ago. I've been obsessed with reading that time (I had just started reading) and even if I'm sleepy, I'm still reading with one eye open and then read first thing in the morning. So yeah. Not the most beautiful thing happened to me as a bookworm. So I'm warning everyone! Rest your eyes now and then.

13. I've read Old Testament once and New Testament twice. (And counting.) So I can say that I've read the Bible.

14. I'm 21 and never had a boyfriend. Never held hands with someone who is a boy and a non-relative, never had my first kiss. But no, I'm not lesbian or what. And I don't feel sad or incomplete. As a matter of fact...

15. I believe in true love and forever. Because there really is!

I will be having two giveaways. Please read rules carefully and make sure to follow them to avoid disqualification!

General rules:
- contest ends June 20th
- there are two Rafflecopters below. One is for INT peeps and one for PH. They have different options so read carefully
- every day entries must be filled with DIFFERENT infos every day. Do not copy and paste the same info/link every day
- winners will have 48 hours to respond on winning email notification. If failed, I'll pick another winner
- I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages

Giveaway #1
- $10 worth of book/Amazon GC

Giveaway #2
- one winner will get to pick two books from the pile below
- note that these books are second hand. These are all mine. Some read, some never, but been sitting by my shelf for years, other months. So some of the edges are yellowed but otherwise they're all in very good condition
- open to PHILIPPINE residents only

If the winner picked Fractured Light, automatic the second book will be Fractured Soul.
It's like pick one, take one.

Thank you all for your support and sweet comments/messages/tweets/emails! 

Love lots,


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! And happy three years! I hope you have many more to come!


    1. Thank you so much, Dani! Good luck on the giveaway. :)

  2. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! *happy dance*

    I didn't know until after one year of blogging that I can get books from publishers or authors. Honestly, I started book blogging, or blogging in general, on a whim without any knowledge of how to do it. I just knew I want to. LOL. And I'm not a coffee drinker myself though I drink sometimes. I am also a 21-yo whose never had a boyfriend and it amuses me to no end that it's my mom who's begging me to have one. I dunno. Maybe she's worried I won't give her any grandchildren or something. Hahahaha. And, nope, definitely not a lesbian.

    Really enjoyed this post. Hoping for more successful blogging years to come your way :D

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action

    1. I also don't have any knowledge about blogging when I signed up on Blogger. XD

      My mom (both parents, actually) is okay with me having no boyfriend for a while. Though I bet they will when I reach 26 or so IF I still don't have by that age. XD LOL

      I'm glad you enjoy the post! So many similarities! We could get along. :D

      Wish you also more success in your blog. :)

  3. Happy Blogoversary, Michelle!!! Three years is a long time! I wish you more years and books to come! 😊

  4. Happy 3 years! That is an awesome feat! Congratulations. I made a mistake with one of my comments... I put that I commented on Frostfire, but I didn't realize tht I had already commented on it. Tonight, I commented on two to make up for it. The first was A Little SOmething Different, and the second one was My Name is Rapunzel!


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