Monday, January 26, 2015

Music Monday (34): Brave

Let's talk about music on Mondays!
Feeling gloomy today, yesterday, or the past few weeks? Did someone say something about you that made you feel so small and worthless? Were there recent challenges or failures that lessened your confidence? Lost your fighting spirit? Or did someone turn you down--or worse, forgotten you?

I know it's hard and it cut so hard, but we don't want to give them the satisfaction, don't we? We are better than the heartaches, failures, and rejections. If the world or the people around you can't do anything to make you feel better, then think of yourself. Do you want to be always like that? Do you want the world to continue its life but you're left with the pieces of your heart? Be brave. Do this for yourself, not for others. Use these hardships and failures to become your edge, your stepping stone. You can't renovate something without removing the ugly ones to make it a new improved one. You can't cover a wound without cleaning it. You can't experience, feel, and savor the success if you don't know how to stand up from the way you've fall down.

Today I'm sharing some of the songs that lifted my spirits up (and found from Youtube) when I was feeling all those ugly things. We can escape the world whenever we can, but we need to face the reality. And in this reality, choose to be brave.

  • Brave by Sara Bareilles

  • Superheroes by The Script

  • Undefeated by Daughty

  • Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

  • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

  • Ones and Zeroes by Stellar Kart

  • Warrior by Demi Lovato

  • I'll Fight by Daughtry

  • Change by Taylor Swift

Remember when Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera sang about being a survivor and a fighter?
  • Survivor by Destiny's Child

  • Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Also, let me share you the songs mentioned by some friends over Twitter.
  • I Can Lift A Car by Walk the Moon from Dianne

  • Skyscraper by Demi Lovato from Kyla

  • Safe and Sound by Capital Cities from Jesselle


Now, now. I can hear you say "preach", but hey. It's better to make someone feel better than be one of those pushes someone down or the one who does nothing. Right?

Life is hard but it feels great to say I survived in the end.
I hope with this little token, I've made someone feel better even in the tiniest bit. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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