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Music Monday (3): Jassie: My First Concert Experience..with Lawson! [Guest Post]

     Welcome to the third week of Music Monday! Today, I have someone to talk about her first concert experience with the British pop-rock band, Lawson! Let's sit back, relax fangirl, read and envy (kiddin!) Jassie!

Hi everyone! I’ll be hacking the Music Monday post of Michelle who’s really shouting random. Just kidding, Michelle asked me if I’m interested to guest post for her Music Monday. Who in their right mind will decline such invitation? *not me obviously*

So, shall we start?
Hello, *waves vigorously to all of you* I’m Jassie and I’ll be sharing my first ever concert experience! *squeals and jumps in joy*

For Filipinos: How did you celebrate your 9th April, 2013? Araw ng Kagitingan?

Mine was pure bliss.
At the late age of 19, I swiped my V-concert card to an awesome Hot British Pop Rock Band.
Can you guess who they are? Hint: Their fans are called, GEESE. (Totally random with no connection with their band name).

Have you guessed it? Okay, I’ll tell it already…

*’Adam’ drum roll please*

*sighs and flails like a super fangirl*

Picture from Adam Pitts
(L-R): Joel, Andy, Adam, Ryan

Okay, honestly, typing this guest post is making me giddy and jittery all over again.
I am asking the butterflies in my stomach to tone down… they can’t seem to obey me.

Oh well, I might bore you with my random crazy *mental, hihi, I need to include a little British there* concert experience, but bear with me. I will introduce the hotties shortly.

P.S. You can skip to the CONCERT already if you don’t want to read any random rantings about some info and rehearsals.

*shortly after*
I’ll introduce to you the lads of Lawson, just a background so you’ll have a clue who will I’ll be ranting for the next, minutes, hours *coughs days coughs*

This band was formed through Myspace, please feel free to blame Adam, since he saw how good Andy was and from there they multiplied!

First off, ANDY BROWN, the lead singer/vocalist and plays acoustic guitar, he’s also the composer-and-songwriter of most of the songs by Lawson!
                Fun fact: This is lad is not a singer by nature, but he thought who would sing his songs? He decided to sing his own songs, and look where it led him!

Second, ADAM PITTS, who beats the drums.
Fun fact: Well he has this part-time job, a photographer (and the ones who records some random videos) especially when they’re having some tour. You can see most pictures on his instagram and short vids on vine. Also, he is ‘petrified of birds’.

Third, JOEL PEAT, lead guitarist and backing up vocals.
                Fun fact: He’s like the most conservative of the group but when he plays his guitar, say hello to hotness who knows how to own-and-create sounds. Oh yeah, he’s the most approachable in person and this is weird but he’s afraid of bellybuttons!

Last but definitely not the least, excuse me I shall fangirl over him first *flails, screams, yells, throws self – kidding – acts hysterically* okay, here we go, RYAN FLETCHER! I have a super duper crush on RHINO (his nickname) and he’s the bassist of the band, also who backs-up vocals.
                Fun fact: He has the most tattoos of all the four members and dibs his bass like no other *coughs*.

That introduction took longer than expected, so I’ll start the concert experience after ranting something about the rehearsal.

So here’s concert ticket + album, it was so inexpensive (as much as I wanted the VVIP, it was sold out already). The ticket was really Php 650 only but you need to purchase the album, Php 550. There’s a free poster too, I wasn’t able to take a picture since I kept it in my closet already *hahaha*.

My ticket + album - poster
So let’s go a bit forward:
                The concert was at Eastwood Mall Open Park, 8PM.
You know what time we arrived? I just live in Makati, 5-10 minute ride there, but me with my Joel-fangirl friends at 2:19PM. I don’t know if we were just excited or whatever but we just went to Gong Cha to kill sometime… When around 3PM, we heard some soundcheck.
                I think you guys know what I’m talking about.
           Of course, at first we throw the idea of the sound being Lawson, but it got a little louder so we stepped  and then we heard, “Hi everyone!”
               The accent. The accent was freaking british and we know for sure it was ANDY.
So what does fangirls do when they hear their lovely lads? WE RAN. We didn’t care who saw us (there weren’t so many people so we’re safe, we ran down the stairs – when you’re panicky, you just don’t use your common sense, the escalator was briefly disregarded).

The lads’ position on stage, the left side: Joel; center-front: Andy; center-back: Adam; and right side: Ryan.

Joel and Andy

RHINO~ <3 o:p="">

I had the best position, ever, I am drooling-swooning-whatever-‘ing’ it was over RHINO. Dang, dang, dang! And they were so handsome on stage, even if they’re only rehearsing! Rhino have this typical Brit habit of biting his nails, so adorable I must say. Joel was one who’s so close with the fans, when he have breaks while rehearsing he will say his to the fans; and oh yeah, when the rehearsals ended, he went to our side (we were at the right side– Rhino’s), he really went to the railings and was asking us some random questions, laughing and he hugged one lucky girl! *my friends were ballistic afterwards*

When Joel came to us!

As for Andy, he’s also very entertaining, he continuously say, “How’s everyone doing?” And the fans only screams *I was answering, ‘fine’ but it was drowned by the occasional flailing of girls, and gays.* Lastly, Adam was serious on his drums so I really didn’t get a chance to have a scoop about him.

It was so weird, after the rehearsals, I was still in the front railings of the right-side and when I turned back, there was a line already! 3:30PM, I guess, and VIP & VVIP lines are already picking up!

My Joel-flailing friends were fortunate enough to have the early meet-and-greet with pictures and other hugging-high-five-shake-hands-stuffs so they got out of the line around 4 or 5PM. *envious, I was really jealous too*

I was left by my lonesome, and because I can’t keep my mouth shut, I talked to the two people who’s in line, I asked them about Lawson, and other stuffs. I had instant friends, awesome, right?

                Around 6PM the staff let the fans get in, since I was the first in line for VIP, I had the best view, front-center (there are 3-lines of people in front of me, the VVIPs). But at least I had the best view! No chairs though, so yeah, height is an advantage. We were entertained by the videos by the lads, some behind-the-scenes, music videos of original and cover songs! Their version of A-Team (by Ed Sheeran) is love!
                There was this girl behind me who fainted, oh my gosh, that was scary but good thing she just needed some water and she’s good to go. Thank goodness the heat was not that unbearably hot, it was a bit cloudy, to be honest, occasional sun peeking out but not intense heat.
                So after 2 hours of waiting inside the railings *I would like to exclude I was there at around 2PM, haha*, the scene dimmed already, since, the darkness really filled the sky, only the lights from behind (the mall lights), the stage lights are blue, violet, nothing striking yet, but those lowly-dimmed colors that gives you a music-dance-hype-vibe.
                When the left side suddenly screams, we know it will start soon, the lads are preparing and just the glimpse of them made the crowd went wild! Just the hair poking out of the aircon-ed tent was literally making the fans crazy! *Can I add how the foreign staffs were good-looking too? There’s the guy who was checking the sounds and putting water bottles on the side who’s practically –yeah, he’ll pass as a Lawson member, to be honest*
                The fans are already chanting, LAWSON, LAWSON, LAWSON, before the concert. The fans already amped up for the coming whirlwind!

Pre-concert and during concert
                At 8:03PM, the lads are going on stage one-by-one. All of them greeting us, fans, I was reserving my voice that night since I have an interview, but when I saw them, all hell break loose, I was screaming at the top of my lungs! I am not the only one.  The concert did end around 9PM, to give way for the album signing, of ALL who purchased their album + ticket!

I profusely apologise to Adam since I have no picture of him,
Andy was straight in front of him!
Here’s the list of songs they sang (the links are NOT mine - vids by wrangel15 ):
*though mine's a tad better, since I was upfront... but uploading takes long but thanks to who uploaded the vids!*
Everywhere You Go – gotta love this song!
Moves Like Jagger – this was fun! Before this song, Joel asked if we watched their guesting on Eat Bulaga where they danced cha-cha with Ryzza, we all said yes, and Ryan butted in if we want to see Joel dance cha-cha again, I swear Joel have many fans here, the crowd went nuts, chanting-screaming for Joel to dance but he unfortunately declined and they started the song and Andy changed some lyrics like, “Moves like Manila” *yes he was forcedly-inserted Manila there* and danced cha-cha! Yay!
Make It Happen – we did make it happen! They did said they’ll be back, hopefully, soon!
Don’t You Worry Child – this was their ‘supposed’ last song, which was such a shocker, no one expected this song to be sung. But all of us knew the song so we sang it with them!
They said their goodbye’s and walks out of the stage.
Of course, what do great fans do? SCREAMS ENCOREEEEE~!
After some seconds *not much minutes*they went back, Joel saying: That was the shortest walk I’ve ever had. *something like that, I forgot the exact words*
They thanked all the fans for everything, they said how they didn’t have any gigs before and now look where they are. So they’re really thankful.
Last song, where we fans sang *acoustic* was STANDING INTHE DARK. We sang until the first chorus; and joined them in singing.
                Fun fact: This song, other than When She Was Mine, is dedicated to Andy’s former girlfriend. When he found out that his girlfriend has another boyfriend.

*** I found some videos on Youtube about the concert, just type, “Lawson in Manila” and there are some fan videos. I have most of my own but I haven’t uploaded them yet.
This one is from MCA Music: Standing In The Dark

Oh yeah, must note, of course, they communicate with the fans every after they played a song, sometimes during the performance. It was really fun, exciting, adrenaline-pumping and very energetic (especially in the VVIP and VIP, since we are so close to them)! To be honest, it was the first time I went deaf, the music was so loud, that shouting is very much required, I can barely hear some because of the noise. The crowd went nuts!

Overall, it was such an ineffable experience, there are tons of words out there but it can’t express what is really felt. Not just bliss. Even in their faces, you would see how happy they are, and it feels good that me, as a fan, can make them smile *even indirectly*.

Lastly, here’s my very long night-ender (originally posted on my facebook album):

THE MOST SURREAL DAY-NIGHT, EVER! Meeting and seeing them play LIVE, my favorite British Pop Rock Band, LAWSON, finally came to Manila for their one-night only concert!

*The concert did start a couple of minutes after 8PM, but it ended at exactly 9PM!
- We screamed and shout and let it all out! DANG THOSE SONGS, HOT LADS DOIN' THEIR MUSIC!
- I somewhat forgot what happened, I still can't believe they were in front of me, freakin' LIVE. Ohh shizz, my voice is somehow sore, but the hell do I care.
- after the concert, the lads freshened up and did the fastest signing ever! :">

ALL who bought the inexpensive tickets were able to get close in person (meet and greet) and have their albums signed by Lawson lads themselves! :D

Album Signing
Too bad it's prohibited to take a picture. Only, sign-talk-shake-hands.
Here's when it was my MOMENT:

Me: Hi! Don't worry (I briefly brushed his bicep) You're a hot piece of meat!
Ryan: Yeeeeessss! I was waiting for that!
(then he shook my hand; dang you leftie, I wanna take you home! xxx)

Me: Hi!
Joel: How are you doin'?
Me: I'm fine.
Joel: *smiles* How's the night (talking about the concert)?
Me: (I’m already in front of but Joel was still talking to me) It was awesome! You guys were cool!
Joel: Thanks! (He brushed his hands on mine; since the guy assisting was pushing me sidewards already. UGH. But he, Joel, did try to shake my hand.)

*ADAM PITTS: *signs my album but reads the writings on my tee*
Adam: *smiles and about to shake my hand but my album's at Andy already*
(le sad) Adam totes need more exposure; I wasn't able to acknowledge him fully.

Me: *smiles*
(Adam was still looking at me; honestly, I wanted to freakin' laugh already;
I stretched my tee, for both of them to read it clearly)
When Andy somehow finishes and looks up...
Me: In case you need a songwriter, *points at my tee* just sayin' *then does a quick shrug and teasing smile*
(Adam smiles; he looked like he was about to burst - of course, he didn't)
Andy: Hahaha! (That was supposed to be a hot chuckle, I swear, then he raised his hand and we did a high-five - yes, he was still chuckling)
Here's my signed album!

Closer look
IT ALL HAPPENED AT THE SAME TIME AND PACE OF THE SPEED OF LIGHT!(exaggeration is very much intended)


This is definitely one of those moments when your heart skips beats.
OH MY GOOOSH. I need to end this, Michelle might kick me out any second now…

P.S. Listen to Lawson’s songs, all right? And swoon with me!

From Adam Pitts, again!
There's sooo adorable and hot :">
You can follow them on Twitter:
Andy | Adam | Joel | Ryan

Or on Instagram:
Andy | Adam | Joel | Ryan

Last fun fact: It's here in the Philippines (Asia) their FIRST Gold Disc award! Yay!

With all OMG gushing out of my mouth and on-loop swooning,

I must say that Jassie is a very lucky girl. She already got rid of her concert V-card and my mine is still nailed on my forehead. I've been to gigs but not on a concert--of any of my fave artists. I wonder when would I get a chance to watch them live..on a VIP seat? *sigh*

I enjoyed reading Jassie's concert experience. I was smiling the entire time I'm reading it and I just want to pinch these guys right now. :D Anyways, I'm super happy for Jas. You did it, girl! If I were with you, we must be both screaming at the top of our lungs. I wouldn't also care if I'm in the middle of staring people. As long as I could express my fangirling very well. LOL

How about you? Have you been to your fave artist's concert? Which artist? Let us know about it on the comments below or you can join me and Jassie while fangirling with awesome Lawson.

Have a great week ahead, lovelies! Muuuaahhh!

P.S Let Lawson know about this post! Share the link of this blog post on their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts!

PP.S! Jas didn't shared her stolen pic of Ryan doing his thing. You know, doing his bass guitar, silly. It was really hot. I was like this when I saw the pic from her album on Facebook: :O   Aaaand, her tee. I WANT TO SEE HER TEE. NOW.

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