Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing: Music Monday!

That's it. I'm done. Done not sharing my thoughts about the music that's getting into me on my blog. Done with sharing but not really sharing about it on Twitter with 140 freaking characters only.
That's why I made this.


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Brief description: Music Monday is a weekly meme where I post and talk about music!

Detailed description: Music Monday is a weekly meme where I talk about--guess what?--music! Here I'll feature new, old or upcoming songs I'm pinning for. I share my thoughts about them or make you listen to it/them or both! I may post songs, music videos, whole or part lyrics, covers from Youtube, upcoming artists or all of the above! And of course, you don't need to be just there, sitting in front of your computers without sharing your thoughts about the songs or if you know you have the urge to disagree or strongly agree to me (yeah, you have to at least agree to me at some point XD). Comment box is waiting for you!

Now, let me tell you something. We all have our own tastes in music. I, for one, loves listening to rock, country and pop. I don't listen to rnb. But if I do, it is very rare, and it depends on the artist and the song itself. So if you find my taste in music unlikable or you only want to read my book-related posts, you can skip this weekly meme and check out my different posts instead (I don't want to scare off my readers!). This launch post will let you  have a sneak peak on the music I listen to. Don't worry, if you find anything in this post scary, remember that this is not all. This is just a start. I just want to warn everybody so you won't unsubscribe or never come back! >.< But don't worry, I don't never listen to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, LMFAO or Nicki Minaj--so you won't be seeing any from them! XD But if you like them..well..remember I told you we have different tastes?

P.S I'm a teenager. And a girl. So don't be mad if I liked boybands. (There you go.) XD

  • Demi Lovato: Heart Attack
The song.
Demi did it again. She sang another song. And killed it. SHE'S FREAKING AWESOME!
When this single came out I listened to it right away (that's what fans do). But after hearing the intro of the song, I exit Youtube. I didn't even continue listening to it. I knew I hated it. I hated the way they edited her voice and the strong rnb touch in it--I mean, it is rnb, right? Have I told you I didn't liked the genre?

And then when I was scrolling down my Facebook homepage the other day, I came across with the music video. I haven't watched it so I did even if I didn't liked the song. Or so I thought. Of course you have to listen to the song in order to appreciate the music video. So I listened to it. And dang, I hated..myself. I hated myself for not giving it chance to listen to it further the first time. I also hated the edited voice in the beginning--it was the reason for my conclusion, after all. :P But..

I loved this song. I love the melody of the verse, and so is the chorus. I liked how her voice raises on the "glooow" "shooow" "attaaaaack" parts and all the high-note parts, where it shows her powerful voice. And last but not the least, I love her voice. I mean, you need to be deaf to say she's not good, right? Because she's really really good. That's what I loved about her when I first heard her in Camp Rock. She's even better live!

Now come, listen to it if you haven't yet. If you have, well listen to it again. You know you want to. ;)

The music video.
I am torn between liking and not liking this music video. I liked Demi's close up with less make-up. I think she's really pretty there. I loved the part where she's singing with a band because it reminds me of the rockstar Demi, but I don't think the band is necessary because the song doesn't sound rock or something like that. It sounds rnb. (Me and my issues with rnb music. *sigh*) What I mean is, why'd you put up a band there when the song itself doesn't sound like played by a band? Um. I hope you get what I mean. :P

Second, as I read the lyrics, I don't get the connection with the entire video. But I love Demi, her voice, the song, and how they made the video. It's just that I don't find the connection.

  • Jonas Brothers come back
The boys are back. (And if you're a *still* obsessed Jonas Brothers fan, you would've tell me they're not really gone. I am too. A *still* obsessed Jonas Brothers fan, I mean. But I still feel like saying it. :P)

They're back--as a band. Joe, Kevin and Nick. Together. With a new single, Pom Poms. I am telling you, I am uber curious about this song just reading the title. I've been waiting for their "soon to be released fifth studio album" forever and when I heard they were releasing a single, I'm jumping up and down and fangirling. And then there's the music video! Oh my freaking god, I cannot wait to see these boys back in action! I even joined the countdown on Twitter. ;)

Here, lookie!

I looove their field scene, where they played as a band. I definitely missed that. With Joe and his mic (I still wish I were the mic) and his rockstar moves.. *sigh* (So obviously, it's Joe I'm in love with. ;D) And there's Nick and Kevin with their guitars! Have you noticed that Nick's curls are gone? I think he's funny-looking. (Don't kill me, Nick fans. It's just my opinion. XD) And Kevin..well, is Kevin. :D

There's only one thing I didn't liked about this video. The girls. I know, I know you're thinking because I want to be there instead, but you're wrong. I didn't liked how they showed the girls and their "hot bodies". It's so annoying. I feel like watching a music video of an rnb song (here I go again). And the lyrics. Gosh, the lyrics! It's scandalous. (My own term, honey.) Um..yeah. I'm using scandalous here. Because it is! When I read the lyrics I was like, Oh goodness this can't be happening. I am not reading it right. But oh god, I did read it right.

I knew they'll comeback as "grown up" with a new music but I wasn't expecting this kind of grown up. So that's where the girls came from. Huh. Dear JB, I'm being honest here. I'm shocked and not believing to hear you like that and I don't think I loved it. I loved you're back but I didn't like the meaning of the song. But then again I said I loved that you guys are back so I'm still listening to this song because it had catchy tune and as always, you guys are artistic when it comes to creating the whole package of the song--the singing, the instruments used and all--and I'll just pretend it doesn't have a meaning like that. Just please don't kill me waiting for the album.

  • Cassadee Pope
I've been a fan of Cassadee since Hey Monday. And when I say I am a fan, I listened to all of their songs, albums, EPs, covers, even the song when their band was first called Blake.

It's sad to think that this really good band went on a hiatus. They make good music and it's a shame not everyone knew about it. But I was so happy  when I heard Cassadee Pope, the lead vocal of Hey Monday, joined The Voice season 3. I knew right away that she'd win. And she did. Why not? She's a talented girl.

I personally love her version of Are You Happy Now by Michelle Branch (not that I have heard the original version, but I do know her). And there's no way you get through this post without watching/listening to it. Play the Youtube video below. (Live version. Skip to 1:52 for the performance. If you'd like to listen the studio version, click here.)

I love the way she entered the stage, singing and holding the guitar then played it on chorus. The overall look was perfect to the song and so was her approach upon singing. She nailed it. I can't even decide which is better: the studio or live version.

Now, I'd love you to watch her audition piece, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, which I also loved.

  • Newbie: Before You Exit
I've been seeing Before You Exit on my Facebook homepage for quite a while now but din't care about them back then. And then I saw a picture with a cute guy with beautiful eyes holding a paper or a cardboard with in it (I can't remember the words, I'm too busy gawking at his beautiful eyes) and I found out that this guy is actually Riley McDonough, a member of Before You Exit band.

Riley McDonough
(Sorry, can't find the photo I fell into,
but this is an awesome photo to not share.)

After learning that he's from BYE--the band I've been ignoring for weeks--I did a little more research about his band. I learned that there's three of them in Before You Exit and they're brothers. As I browse Youtube for their vids, I found original songs from them (live and studio version) as well as covers. And they're really good.

From left to right: Toby,14, Riley,17, and Connor,18
In boybands, you'd expect good-looking members--and they are. But that's not the only one I liked about them. They are all talented. Based from their videos on Youtube, I learned that Riley and Toby can sing and play the guitar, and Connor can sing, play the guitar and piano (let me know if I'm missing their other talents!) and they also write songs.

Their I Like That EP was released February 4th 2013 and the songs are all over Youtube now. I listened to some and yes, I can say I'm definitely now a fan of this band. I won't be surprised if the world would be talking about them tomorrow.

My favorite cover of theirs is Some Nights by Fun. I think they really killed the song. Just beautiful.

One point while browsing and watching their vids, it hit me that they remind me of the Jonas Brothers. I don't mean to compare. It reminds me of them because, of course, they are brothers in a band, and also because at young age, they showed us pure talent and good looks. ;)

* * * * *

Happy Monday everyone! Is it too late for me to greet you after all the music talking? I hope not. :D

Anyways, how do you find Music Monday? Let your thoughts be heard read in the comments section below about the meme or the artists I featured. The floor is now yours. Happy new week! x

P.S I accept suggestions, if there's a song or artist you want me to listen to. ;)

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  1. I love this idea and look forward to seeing who else you recommend. Based on this first weeks list, I am not sure if we will have the same music style but I always love seeing new stuff : )

    1. Thanks CeCe! I have lots of songs and artists to feature for the coming weeks. I hope we'll have in common. :D

      What's your genre, btw? :)


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