Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's Cool? SUMMER!

What's Cool? is an anytime meme where I talk about anything Cool that has happened to me
or the Cool things I got!

What's Cool?


It's FINALLY summer break and you know how much happy I am about it??

I'm am so glad that my third year in nursing is SO done! Now I can't wait to be on my fourth year next sem and graduate after a year! Ain't that supah Cool? :D

Apart from the amazing two months of toxic-free from school and duty, I can now read all the books from my tbr. I have to finish them ALL because I'd be busier when June comes. And of course, there'll be another Cool batch of titles!

Wanna take a look on my summer?

Here you go:

They've been stuck on my shelf since I was really busy for the past few months. Not to mention the ebooks I have. The feeling is a combination of Coolness (because I love reading) and pressure (must finish soon!!!!). So good luck to me. XD

  • Haul!
Those books above aren't my  haul. Those are the books I have to read this summer. You can see my haul from the past few weeks below!

Fore review:
The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines (The Vincent Boys #1)
Reckless by S.C Stephens (Thoughtless #3)

Huge thanks to Olivia and Hot Key Books, Rachel McClellan, Kelly and Cedar Fort Books, and Chyna of Lite_Rate_Ture!

  • New stuff (outside blogging)

So..wondering what's new about me? See the picture on the left? That's my new pair of drumsticks!

I really want to know how to play the drums and I'm so lucky to be learning it now--for free! Thanks to the people of Johia church.

If you're thinking I'm now good at it, you're wrong. I suck, really. 16th note is so fast I can't keep up! But hey, remember I'm still a beginner. There's always a time for practicing. One day, I can finally do it. I might let you see me playing the drums! :D

I bought this Cool pair of drumsticks almost a month ago. I just kept on forgetting to show them to you. XD

  • Feature and Follow: The Comeback!
Now that I have time to hop on other blogs, I'm back with Feature and Follow! I'm not sure if can continue doing this Friday meme when first sem (June) starts because I'd be really busy (I've told you that a million times, if I'm not mistaken) that time. For now, don't forget to stop by my FF post, leave your link on the comment section, follow and I'll return all the favor!

* * * * *

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Now, don't let your thoughts left unshared! Have a Cool weekend! :)

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