Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's Cool? #2

What's Cool? (a.k.a In My Mailbox or Stacking The Shelves in some book blogs) is a meme all about what I received, bought and borrowed and whatever Cool happened to me and going to share in this blog! I created this since and because my blog's about randomness, I can AND will receive, buy and borrow different things. This is an anytime-meme!

What's Cool?

  • Reaching 300 GFC followers! Yay!
Thank you so much for following and liking what I have for you here! When August started, I have a goal of 250 followers (before August ends) and now..I have reached 50% more! So I'm going to adjust it to 350 or so followers til the end of August.

I'm quite busy now with school and all but I promise to do my best to make you entertained. When I get my free time, I will feature more exciting books, music and other stuffs here. And hopefully, host my Thank-You giveaway. :)

And speaking of followers and following.. Another Cool thing, you can now have my posts right into your inbox! Sign up on the left hand sidebar to follow Michelle Shouts Random via email or subscribe via RSS!

  • Weekly Planner, I have!
Any becoming-busy blogger needs that. Especially book bloggers. Along with the amazing new followers I got, I've been unbelievably receiving book review requests from authors! Another thing to check out here are tour stops! I am now a tour member of Bookish Brunette (first stop: a double cover reveal; soon: Rua by Miranda Kavi on Sept. 23rd), Young Adult Novel Reader (soon: The Modified cover reveal, Aug. 31st) and YA Bound. Stitch by Samantha Durante also stops here on Oct. 27th! (See the tour banners on the footer).

Also, check out my Calendar page!

  • New books!
For review:
Remembrance by Michelle Madow (Transcend Time Saga #1)

From Netgalley:

Print Books I'm Waiting to Arrive:
(For review)
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (both from YA Giveaway Hop; from different hosts)

Arrived from a giveaway:
* Unfortunately, I haven't read the Wings series so I think I need to read the very first book until the third so I can enjoy this one. Note: It's hardback, and it's SIGNED! My first signed book ever. Thank you so much, Lisa from Young Adult Connection! (I always forget to take a snapshot of the book with signature until now I lost my memory card! But I promise to feature a photo of it on next What's Cool?. :)

  • New Taylor Swift single!!
Have all of you heard it already? If not, you can hear it now on my blog! Check out my post about the new song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I'm so excited for her 4th album release! Red will be available on stores Oct. 22nd! Are you? ;)

  • New David Archuleta album!
Heard of it? It's called BEGIN. and was released August 7th. The album is a collection of amazing covers by David and one original song called Broken (which, I hope he's not). I haven't have a copy yet but I'm planning to! Check out my album feature here soon of Forevermore and BEGIN. review!

Next week:
M: Cover Feature: Perception by Lee Strauss
T: Teaser Tuesdays #5: Speechless by Hannah Harrington / Remembrance by Michelle Madow
W: WWW Wednesdays #4 / WoW#3: Stealing Parker
F: Feature & Follow #5 / Filipino Friday #2
Sat: Book Review: Troll or Derby by Red Tash

*You can, of course, have What's Cool? on your blog. Just don't forget to leave the link below and link me back on your post.

What Cool thing happened to you? :)


  1. I am behind on Aprilynne's Wings series too! I managed to read the first book though!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. You almost have 350 followers! Wait... did you start this month? Wow! That was fast! :D

    I really loved Stitch, if you like dystopian/fantasy, I think you'll enjoy it too (: Signed by Aprilynne Pike? Wowie girl! That's awesome! I love her series so very jealous ;)

    Judging by the title, I wouldn't have bothered to check out the Taylor Swift single you mentioned, but it started playing automatically on your blog and I gotta admit... I kind of like it! It's cute. But I do much prefer the ones she recorded for Hunger Games: Safe & Sound and Eyes Open =)

    1. I started May. Only I became 'active' June or July. :)
      I'm actually excited for Stitch! I guess you've read it?

      Yes, it's another beautiful from her. The two songs from THG soundtrack was indeed, epic.


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