Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Never End

Never End

© Michelle Sedeño
September 23, 2011

I remember the day I was afraid to start all over again

Afraid to walk into a new world without a friend
Afraid to realize I chose the wrong person and be alone again.

You came along and I forgot the word ‘afraid’
Coz I know when our first conversation started, it’ll never end.
It didn’t took an hour to know each other’s lives;
We’re soul sisters.

I caught myself smiling alone
With the thought I’d somehow enjoy this journey
I never dreamt of traveling.

We thought about the same things,
Dream about the same dreams,
And had a crush on a same guy.
We are happy, we are crazy,
And we can rap;
Nobody knew that but us.

I remember our last talk was yesterday
              But when we talk today, it’s like it’s our first time to meet
We tried to lower our voice, but we just can’t
People around us thought we’re crazy
Coz we laugh like there’s no tomorrow.
They couldn’t understand,
But we swore that was really hilarious,
And just simply because we’re together.

We sing songs and dance with them
You are the words of the melody I made on my guitar
Together, we just naturally rock it off.

Awkward moments became my perfect days
Because I wouldn’t know you any better.
We make dull times to colorful ones
And every moment, I took pictures on my mind,
Along with the hundred photos on my camera.
They will be treasured
Coz I never planned it all to forget
Coz what we had was the one I never wanted to end.
Forever, that’s what I pray.


I wrote this 'poem' almost a year ago for a friend, our friendship, that I never wanted to end. It was the time that she can't take nursing any longer and decided to drop off and enroll to different school with different course.
I was so sad that I cried because she's the first close friend I had on my first year in college. We are so alike and we just clicked right away and it was hard for me to let her go. We have other friends, yes, but our bond is different. There are things I can say or do with her--but not to others.
Due to the emotions that I had that day, I have written this poem. I let her and my friends read it (I dedicate this to her and our other friends). As of now, I just started my third year in nursing and I'm so glad that none of her plans happened. She stayed in our university and continued nursing--with us.


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