Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Wish

My Wish

© Michelle Sedeño
September 26, 2011

It’s been two years now since a great mad typhoon destroyed
several cities, and hundred of lives
News flashed back and I remembered the pain
If I could do something to help them
Tear dropped, and that’s when I prayed

Two days where I’ll be eighteen
And it’s continuously raining
A great friend giving up from our roller coaster journey
A family problem popped where they’re fighting

I remember when I was seven
I dreamt my eighteenth
Bright chandeliers over me
With my pretty pink gown
Dad would be my first dance
And last would be my prince
My best friends would be there
And so as my cousins
But now back in reality
I could see it fading
Tear dropped, and that’s when I pray
I wish I have found my prince charming
I wish my family would be alright
And my cousins would be here
I wish she would stay
And together we’ll ride again our roller coaster journey
I wish two years ago would never happen again

I’m not dreaming of pink gowns and cotillions
No, not anymore
Coz before I blow my candles,
I wish you were alright
I wish you were here
And I wish you will stay
Forever, that’s what I pray.


Not the kind of poem you knew. Usually, poets write theirs that will leave you thinking what it meant, what's it for and who's it for. But with this one, you'll know what I'm thinking..what I'm wishing. It's really not like a poem, but at least I get to let my feelings understood. Hopefully.

-       Michelle 

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