Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday (14): On Stage

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly. Let's talk about music on Mondays!

Before anything else, let me clarify to all of you that the last Music Monday post (last week) was 13th edition, not 12th. I didn't noticed I put 12 instead of 13. Anyways, we're now on the 14th edition! Guess what do I have for you this week? It's live performance!

Okay so I'm not sure if you're as excited as I am but as I promised before, I'd share a video of us performing. This was taken last October 3rd 2013, Thursday, when we joined the College of Nursing's competition, Nurses Got Talent, during the Nursing Week on our campus. We didn't won the band category but the fun and experience was worth it--it was our largest audience to perform!

You won't be seeing me clearly on this video because it's too bright and I'm behind one of the singers. I played rhythm guitar. We weren't the best band, but we did our best! :)

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Grouphug band (unlabeled; college students. You can reach out to them if you're interested! I swear, they're really good. They perform like professionals!) for performing with us (drums, lead guitar, bass guitar and rhythm guitar). The two singers are my friends and nursing students as well. The three of us are the representative of the band. We (Grouphug and me and my friends) are from different bands but that night, we called ourselves Friday Night Jammers because we jam every Friday night on JOHIA Masinag. If you're living in the Philippines and near or knows where Masinag is, you can also perform or come as an audience!

If you liked it, I'll share more videos soon if we have a decent performance. Haha!

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I appreciate honest comments! Tell me what you think. :)
Happy Monday and enjoy music!

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