Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Monday (8): Discovered part I: Andy Grammer

Music Monday is a weekly meme created by yours truly. Let's talk about music..on Mondays!
Hello, wonderful people! Welcome to another week, which we are going to rock again. Are you ready? :)

First off, let's start the week with some new music. While I was listening to the song of Andy Grammer called Keep Your Head Up few weeks ago, I saw these suggestions on Youtube. I clicked on them and listened and I knew right then that I found new artists to check out more often. Of course my life wouldn't be complete unless I shared to all of you my "discoveries". You may or may not know/listened to them already but let me get this opportunity to spread the word about them more. I decided to to make it a series feature. Today, I'm going to feature the first artist and the other two will be featured for the next two weeks.

*Note: The artists that I "discovered" aren't exactly new. What I meant is that this was the first time I came across them and now they can include me to their growing fans!

Andy Grammer
I have been listening to his song Keep Your Head Up long now (so technically, he wasn't one of my new discoveries but I decided to feature him also because the only song I heard from him before was KYHU). This song does a good job at making my mood so bright and happy so I usually listen to it in the morning, before going to school. It also had a message that everyone need to hear.

Keep Your Head Up

The next song is quite special. This is the song that made me want to feature him on Music Monday. I looove this song. It's live but it's really good. I also like the fun way he sang and they jammed. They seem to be having fun and it radiates to me through these little earphones.

Stepping Stones

The next songs aren't on my playlist yet, but since it reminds me..I'm gonna put it now!
Promise me to listen to every single song below? Enjoy, loves! ;)


Couple More Sleeves

We Could Be Amazing

Where Are You


Build Me A Girl

Crazy Beautiful

Fine By Me

The Pocket

That's not all! You can check out more of his songs on Youtube or better yet buy them on iTunes!


Feeling the good vibes now? He can do that with his songs! Andy Grammer is an artist who deserves more spotlight. An artist people should listen to especially if they want to start their day with cool and easy feeling, relive their sadness or stress, to have fun or just to listen to wonderful music. Now that I shared the word about him...would you want to spread the word as well? Make someone feel good today. Enjoy music and happy Monday!

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