Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Cool? Change. (A blog announcement)

What's Cool is an anytime meme where I feature all Cool things that I got/happened.

Don't freak out if you are seeing What's Cool today instead of Music Monday--it is Monday. But I figured I should take this opportunity to announce the big change that is about to happen on my blog, Michelle Shouts Random.

I already announced on my last What's Cool about my upcoming blogoversary + new blog name and layout. My original plan is to change my blog name and address on May 27th, the day of my first blogoversary. But I realized on that day, you could go to (especially my non-follower readers) and found nothing so I decided to announce my new name TODAY. I will be announcing the new name but I will officially change it on May 27th, together with the new address.

Are you ready?

OMG. I'm too excited I CAN'T EVEN. :O


Okay, so... the new name is.....................

"The Escapist"

I'll explain why change of name and the reason for the new name on the Big Day and there will also be a giveaway. Within the week, I will also be hosting the other giveaways I'm excited to share to you all, sponsored by awesome publishers I know and one of my fave authors.

What: First blogoversary + launching of The Escapist and new layout
When: May 27th 2013, Monday

Ways to not get lost: Stalk me on Twitter (@michellesedeno) or Facebook for updates. If you are an email, RSS, Networked Blogs or Bloglovin follower, I don't think there will be problem about it. You can also visit the new address I included above if you want to. :D

NOTE: the new address will be live on May 27th. Until the day, this blog's address is
I'm so excited for the new chapter of my blogging life. I hope you'd all be there. Thank you so much for being Cool! I love all my friends, followers and readers. God bless you all. :)

P.S Don't forget to check out my current giveaways!

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  1. Yeah exciting news for you! All these changes and cant wait to hear the BIG reveal. :)

    Went to scope out the new addy and not sure if it is suppose to be live or not but.... it is not :(

    Amber @

    1. It will be live on the 27th, instead of :)

      Thank you! :))


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