Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Moving Forward

Dear all,

If you would notice, I barely post reviews or any thing on my blog these days. I have been very pre-occupied with my whereabouts for the past few months and I have started to be out of my reading and review schedule. With a lot of things in my mind, to focus on, and to prioritize outside blogging, catching up on my TBR added some baggage which I--as I realized--can't handle anymore.

I love reading and even blogging. It has been part of me for three years and if you would read/recall my 3rd blogoversary post, I wished for more and stronger years with you. But a lot has changed and recently I had come to a decision to move forward. I admit that I can no longer handle book blogging and real life. The Escapist comes back to reality, for good. And as I write this, I know that I've made a good decision. I know you must be thinking, reading (and blogging) isn't that hard or heavy to handle. No, it isn't. But it came to a point that I have so many things to do and to prioritize that I don't have time to do other things.

Thank you all for the wonderful three years.
I'll see you around. ;)


  1. I really, really respect you for this decision and all that you've said in this lovely post. I have struggled a lot lately because as I'm getting more in to my twenties and dealing with a growing work schedule and bills and just typical business that I have to get done, I don't always have a ton of time for reading and blogging. It's hard for me to get much out on my blog each month, I post very little. I'm going to keep blogging because I know at some point I will get back to it, but it's nice to finally hear someone else say that blogging isn't necessarily "easy" to do. It takes a lot of time! And sometimes, I just don't have that time needed!! Good luck girly. I hope this takes a bit of a load off of you. :)

    1. Hi Sierra, thank you so much! It was also a relief for me to know about our same case. Yep, twenties and life.
      I hate to leave book blogging but something called me for something greater so I must follow it. Wouldn't you? :)
      Good luck also to you, for your decision to continue blogging. I hope it will become a stress reliever, not an added stress.
      And yes, I'm feeling a little lighter now not only because of this decision but also because of your message. :)


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