Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's Cool?

What's Cool? is about the Cool things I've got, happened or anything that I think is Cool.

I've been really busy this week since it's the last week of our duty in Mental hospital. My experience there is one of a kind. Not like the ones in OR, DR or any wards. It was memorable, fun and unexpected. I thought I wouldn't make it, but in reality? It was really fun. So apart from the amazing books I got, completion of my pysch ward duty is the highlight of my stressful yet Cool week.

Other Cool things:
  • New books!
I haven't taken care of my tbr pile that much and books kept on coming! I seriously don't know what to read first. o_O BUT! Of course, I'm thankful for these wonderful lovelies. :)

For review:
Black City by Elizabeth Richards (Black City #1) *signed* with bookmark
Phoenix by Elizabeth Richards ARC (Black City #2) *signed*
Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan (Fractured Light #2)
A Song For Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles (Thompson Sisters #2)
Perception by Lee Strauss (Perception #1)
The Boys of Summer by C.J Duggan (Summer #1)

Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris (Unraveling #1) *signed* with bookmarks

Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (Under The Never Sky #1)

Thank you so much to Elizabeth Richards, Charles Sheehan-Miles, AToMR Tours and Cedar Fort books!

  • 900!
I've reached more than 900 blog followers!!! Can you believe that??!! I CAN'T!
Thank you so much everyone! xxx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's it for now, guys. Let me know what Cool things happened to you below. Or you can tweet me or email me--any way you want. Hopefully, I'll have more time next week to finish the books I'm reading, and make or do Cool things and also post a review! I realized I didn't posted one this week. I'm sorry I sucked. It's just that I have no time. >.< But I'm pretty sure I could post a review or two next week. See y'all! 

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